It has come time for me to update my home recording studio to continue recording my own brand of intergalactic low-fi, disco, funk, folk rock. Rather than spend big bucks on a stereo mic setup that won't offer me the low quality sound that I am accustomed to, I have decided to build my own for next to nothing almost entirely out of found parts. Now I can get awesome panning effects that can easily be mimicked in software, but never truly replicated.

For those that don't know what a stereo mic is, it is basically using two microphones to record to both the left and right audio channels of a stereo music track to give that "3D" effect.

Step 1: Go get stuff

You will need:

- A flexible lamp arm
- 24" x 6" sheet of 1/8" acrylic
- 12" x 12" sheet of 1/8" milky white acrylic
- A laser cutter (or handsaw)
- A heat gun
- An oven mitt
- Table clamps
- An IKEA clock frame
- Two metal washers
- Two 1" (or larger) rubber grommets
- Two dynamic microphones
- A dozen LEDs
- Two BC546 transistor
- Two 100uF capacitors
- Two 2.2K resistors
- Two 47K resistors
- A 220 ohm resistor
- A 5V power transformer (give or take 1 volt)
- Red and black solid wire
- A panel mount stereo jack
- An SPST pull cord switch
- A power drill (with assorted bits)
- Assorted hand tools

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