Stereogram Codes - Simple 3D Codes in 2 Minutes!




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Introduction: Stereogram Codes - Simple 3D Codes in 2 Minutes!

Hey there!
Ever wondered how people make 3D stuff? Or maybe you just want to code a cool message? Here's a way that has cool stuff from both!

Requirements: Word or any other word processing unit, the ability to do Magic Eye (or similar) puzzles.

Step 1: Open a word document.
Step 2: Create a 1x2 table.
Step 3: Re-size the table so it is fairly thin. The exact width is not important.
Step 4: Type in your hidden message into one box.
Step 5: Put extra text around it to hide the code and copy it into the other box.
Step 6/7: Put any amount of spaces on the left of the code words in the left box, and on the right of the code words in the right box. I've used 3 spaces beside the words in the image.
Step 8: Change the extra text so that all your code words are NOT at the edges of the typing zone (i.e. they are surrounded by other words/characters on the left and right).

Now use your amazing 3D viewing powers to see the text pop out!



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    It's cool and smart

    I tried it that is pretty cool works well for me

    I like dis instructable. Productive use of social science class XD.

    1 reply

    You see through what is deliberately left out, I see :D.

    Yea, that works well.


    Glad you like it, Lemonie!

    Glad you like it, Lemonie!

    That's really trippy!
    I can make out that it's 3D, but I can't tell what it is an image of D: And how did you make it???
    Cool stuff :D

    If you have a little patience, you could see the word "Foto" (I speak Spanish) at first plane, and "3D" behind, greater.

    You must see three "u" above, that mean your eyes have the correct convergence.

    I did a lot of stereograms 10 or 15 years ago. I worked during some months to make the "KEDIT macro". That is a program, KEDIT follow its instructions, adding and taking off characters in order to achieve 3D effect.

    I don't understand what you're doing here, and it's probably because I can't see the 3-D stereographic stuff. What is the secret code you've hidden in the example text? Maybe if I knew that, I'd get it.


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    It's true, not all people seem to be able to view these. My friends for starters :D Anyways, you know when your eyes unfocus and you see 2 of everything? Try doing that to the coded text until the left and right boxes form a single box in the middle. That takes some practise, but when you get there, the words "this is a code" should pop out!

    Good luck!

    I just tried it (I can sometimes see them by getting really close and taking off my glasses), and I saw what you meant. Pretty neat.