Hey there!
Ever wondered how people make 3D stuff? Or maybe you just want to code a cool message? Here's a way that has cool stuff from both!

Requirements: Word or any other word processing unit, the ability to do Magic Eye (or similar) puzzles.

Step 1: Open a word document.
Step 2: Create a 1x2 table.
Step 3: Re-size the table so it is fairly thin. The exact width is not important.
Step 4: Type in your hidden message into one box.
Step 5: Put extra text around it to hide the code and copy it into the other box.
Step 6/7: Put any amount of spaces on the left of the code words in the left box, and on the right of the code words in the right box. I've used 3 spaces beside the words in the image.
Step 8: Change the extra text so that all your code words are NOT at the edges of the typing zone (i.e. they are surrounded by other words/characters on the left and right).

Now use your amazing 3D viewing powers to see the text pop out!
It's cool and smart
I tried it that is pretty cool works well for me
I like dis instructable. Productive use of social science class XD. <br> <br>
You see through what is deliberately left out, I see :D.
Please see this, it is mine: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/24984210@N08/2911569417/" rel="nofollow">http://www.flickr.com/photos/24984210@N08/2911569417/</a><br> <br> I did it with <a href="http://www.kedit.com/" rel="nofollow">KEDIT</a> love it!
Yea, that works well.<br> <br> L
Glad you like it, Lemonie!
Glad you like it, Lemonie!
That's really trippy! <br>I can make out that it's 3D, but I can't tell what it is an image of D: And how did you make it??? <br>Cool stuff :D
If you have a little patience, you could see the word &quot;Foto&quot; (I speak Spanish) at first plane, and &quot;3D&quot; behind, greater. <br> <br>You must see three &quot;u&quot; above, that mean your eyes have the correct convergence. <br> <br>I did a lot of stereograms 10 or 15 years ago. I worked during some months to make the &quot;KEDIT macro&quot;. That is a program, KEDIT follow its instructions, adding and taking off characters in order to achieve 3D effect.
I don't understand what you're doing here, and it's probably because I can't see the 3-D stereographic stuff. What is the secret code you've hidden in the example text? Maybe if I knew that, I'd get it. <br> <br>Thanks!
It's true, not all people seem to be able to view these. My friends for starters :D Anyways, you know when your eyes unfocus and you see 2 of everything? Try doing that to the coded text until the left and right boxes form a single box in the middle. That takes some practise, but when you get there, the words &quot;this is a code&quot; should pop out! <br> <br>Good luck!
I just tried it (I can sometimes see them by getting really close and taking off my glasses), and I saw what you meant. Pretty neat.

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