Introduction: Sterilise Home Piercing Needles

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Ever want that peircing that your mom wold never let you have? Well this ible' is for you! I will be showing up out how to sanitize to our needles in preparation for peircing.

Step 1: Fire

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heat your needle a few seconds don't let your needle turn black it is better to use a blue flame like one from an alcohol stove.

Step 2: Soak

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once your needle cools soak it in sterile solution for 24 hours also please don't use a thumbtack i just used it for an example.

Step 3: Disclaimer

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I am not responsible for any misuse,injury or infection caused by this ible' common sense yall if it has rust discard needle and start over best idea is to buy pre auto-claved needles this is for those who need something sneaky or just cant find an auto-claved needle.


MikB (author)2016-09-03

For sterilizing: A blue flame is better than a yellow one (as you point out, you get sooty bits with a yellow flame!) -- try a gas burner (e.g. cooker) or a little spirit burner.

Also -- keep the Isopropanol well away from the flames, it's flammable :)

Luna10064 (author)MikB2016-09-06

thank you for the advice!??

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