Picture of Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Jewelry
Perfect jewelry to either make for your bridesmaids, or wear yourself.
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
Tools used for this included:
-Round-nosed pliers
-Flat-nosed pliers
-Steel block or jewelers anvil
-Wire Cutters

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this my main materials were:
-20 gauge sterling silver wire
-10mm jump rings
-4mm jump rings
-Freshwater pearls
-Ear wires
I suggest practicing any of these with copper wire before using the sterling silver simply so you don't waste materials.

Step 3: Making Eyelets - Part 1

Picture of Making Eyelets - Part 1
For the eyelets:
1. Cut several pieces of 5 inch wire.  (I suggest an even number of pieces)
2. Find the center of each wire piece with the wider part of your round-nosed pliers and bend it down to form a "U" shape.

Step 4: Eyelets - Part 2

Picture of Eyelets - Part 2
3. Approximately 1/4 from the very ends of your round-nosed pliers, curl the ends of the wire outward on each "U" piece, to form tiny closed circles.

Step 5: Eyelets - Part 3

Picture of Eyelets - Part 3
4. Gripping the circle tightly in the flat nosed pliers, continue curling the wire around itself in the same direction to increase the diameter at every turn. Do the same for the other side.

Step 6: Eyelets - Part 4

Picture of Eyelets - Part 4
Your eyelet will look like this:

Step 7: Eyelets - Part 5

Picture of Eyelets - Part 5
5. Gently hammer your spiral eyelet to work harden it

Step 8: Eyelets - Part 6

Picture of Eyelets - Part 6
6. Two eyelets can then be fastened together using 10mm jump rings

Step 9: Eyelets - Finishing Notes

Picture of Eyelets - Finishing Notes
You can continue to fasten the eyelets together in this fashion using smaller jump rings. However, I opted to create small cages with fresh water pearls inside to place between each spiraled eyelet setup.
I love the look of these uneven pearls

Step 10: Cages - Part 1

Picture of Cages - Part 1
1. Cut your wire 4 inches in length.
2. Gripping the wire with the end of your round-nosed pliers, curl the tip around.

Step 11: Cages - Part 2

Picture of Cages - Part 2
3. Continue to create the spiral as above going half way up the wire by gripping and turning with your flat nosed pliers. Similarly, the other end should be curled in the opposite direction forming an "S" shape.

Step 12: Cages - Part 3

Picture of Cages - Part 3
4. Fold the wire in half so the two spirals are on top of each other.

Step 13: Cages - Part 4

Picture of Cages - Part 4
5. Carefully pull the central circles out from each spiral at right angles using your round-nosed pliers.
lcloud1 year ago
Very clearly written and easy to follow! The bracelet turned out better than I expected.
Angel Judy2 years ago
too cute!
ijkml3 years ago
Thank you, very clear and careful instructions and photography.
janaro4 years ago
Ilove it,iloveit .ilove it very much
Mrballeng4 years ago
Great job working with the wire. I've got to try this out.
EbolaZaire4 years ago
I just finished making the necklace and earrings set. I'll be mentioning it in my "How to Have an Awesome Christmas" instructable after the holidays!
ybunnygurl4 years ago
Where do you find sterling sliver wire? I have looked on the internet but come up dry unless i want 100 feet.

And I like your design.
you can get it in small amounts from craft stores in the jewelry section (i go to Pat Catan's but Joann's might have it too). If you need more then a foot though, jewelry or bead supply.
mhudnall (author)  ybunnygurl4 years ago

I picked up my wire from a local bead store. You may want to call around to nearby shops.
scoochmaroo4 years ago
More please :D