Perfect jewelry to either make for your bridesmaids, or wear yourself.

Step 1: Tools

Tools used for this included:
-Round-nosed pliers
-Flat-nosed pliers
-Steel block or jewelers anvil
-Wire Cutters
Very clearly written and easy to follow! The bracelet turned out better than I expected.
too cute!
Thank you, very clear and careful instructions and photography.
Hello <br>Ilove it,iloveit .ilove it very much
Great job working with the wire. I've got to try this out.
I just finished making the necklace and earrings set. I'll be mentioning it in my &quot;How to Have an Awesome Christmas&quot; instructable after the holidays!<br>
Where do you find sterling sliver wire? I have looked on the internet but come up dry unless i want 100 feet.<br><br>And I like your design.
you can get it in small amounts from craft stores in the jewelry section (i go to Pat Catan's but Joann's might have it too). If you need more then a foot though, jewelry or bead supply.
Thanks!<br><br>I picked up my wire from a local bead store. You may want to call around to nearby shops.
Lovely!<br />More please :D

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