Steve Costume(minecraft)





Introduction: Steve Costume(minecraft)

Step 1: Vote for Me

Awsome costume for minecraft players like me so make sure you vote for me :D

Step 2: Modifications

You can paint the eys white to make it herobrine or you could make his skin green for a zombie

Step 3: How to Make the Body

Take 2cardboard boxes 1 big and one small if they have writing on them flip it inside out if possible and then you go on the internet and search up steve,herobrine or zombie skin depending on what you want and then you pant it according to the example you are following then put it on see wear the arm wholes are and do the same with your head then cut the wholes in the place directed

Step 4: Now the Head

On the smaller card bored box make the head desin and then before u gloo it on find wear it and find the eye wholes then get a trusty parent to use and exacto knife and cut the eyes (peferably in between the two painted eyes) next put super gloo only on the front edge but be sure to cut a little flap so that you can flip the head forward but thats only optionnal and then use super pinchers (sorry i dk what there called) to make sure you have it glued on tight.

Step 5: Your Done



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    Ya thanks you are the first positive comment on this instructables

    Ur a hater. And haters are my insparation!!!!! So thanks for inspiring me! I apreciate it =]