Picture of Steve Jobs Tribute Pumpkin
Steve Jobs Pumpkin (no light).jpg
This pumpkin is carved using the iconic photo of Steve Jobs. Contrast was introduced to the photo digitally and then I carved it using pumpkin carving tools and a sewing needle for smaller holes. It took me about 2 hours of mapping out the image on the pumpkin and deciding what to carve out, and then around 3 and a half hours of actually carving. I've also included a pic of what it looks like without the backlight. Thanks for your kind consideration!
sradia1 year ago
Wait a sec.... That picture of the pumpkin up there is what it look like without light? That's the finished product...without light? That's absolutely insane! I can't even fathom how talented you are to be able to see this vision. Damn amazing
astroboy9073 years ago
Nice! great one! I did an apple logo once...
kyleslab3 years ago
raymondsjunkguard (author)  kyleslab3 years ago
That's awesome! I like yours too!!!! I can't believe you free handed that! nice!