Steve the Dog and His Sweater




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Introduction: Steve the Dog and His Sweater

Steve is my daughter's dog. I guess he is my grand-dog? Anyway, She called me one day last winter and told me that Steve was cold and asked if could I make him a sweater. So I went to the Lion Brand website and found a pattern for a doggie sweater. I was chaperoning my son's band trip to Disney World a couple weeks later, and I took my knitting on the bus with me. It was a twenty hours bus ride each way, so I had plenty of time to finish the sweater and still get it to Steve while it was still cold!



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    I'm not as professinal a knitter as you, but I might give it a shot! I have two standard poddle puppies and currently im knitting them leg warmers. Our dogs are about the same size so I can follow the exact details!
    It is so cute!

    How cute!!!!!! I knit sweaters for my two dogs but they never enjoy them as much as your dog does... Thanks so much for sharing. I loved this....

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    This was my first attempt at a dog sweater, so I'm glad it turned out so well!

    Yeah, he has that "doggie smile"!

    Thanks! He actually "asks" my daughter to put it on him by sticking his nose into it and pawing her!

    Steve looks quite handsome in his sweater!

    I like the sweater. I have yet to try and tackle one for my dog. He needs one though.

    That is very cute, and he does look stylish. He looks like a rich dog. :-)
    By the way, what kind of dog breed in Steve?

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    Steve is what we call a Heinz dog (57 varieties!), but we think he is mostly greyhound with some beagle. He was a stray that was adopted from a shelter, so we really don't know.

    So cute! He looks very stylish.