Steven Harris FX - Flesh eating bacteria special effect video guide

video Steven Harris FX - Flesh eating bacteria special effect video guide

Hi all,

Here is a little instructional video on a simple make-up technique using cheap yet effective gelatine mix you can make from products from your local supermarket.  The gelatine mix formula and the ratio involved can be found at ...  http://www.instructables.com/id/Infected-gelatine-zombie-bite/  ... this link will show you how to create a swollen zombie bite using gelatine, have a look and give it a try.

If you notice in the video the red blood was hard to apply as there was already grease paint stopping it adhering to the skin therefore use either make-up or fake blood in the holes not both, and be careful not to apply to much black and overwork the effect...like me ;)

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'Avatar' make-up effect and prosthetics next.

Happy days !!!

The Animator (author) 1 year ago

Hi everybody,

Hope you've enjoyed the new flesh eating bacteria special effect. I will be posting loads of similar movies to YouTube over the coming months therefore if you would like to see more please visit my channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/StevenHarrisFX/videos and 'SUBCRIBE'..thanks Steve

immortal FX1 month ago
can you use liquid latex and tissue instead of gelatin??
I tried it, just with a little less black (and no blood because I didn't have any at the time). Considering it's my first time actually doing anything with latex I'm pretty happy with it! Minus the fact it started pealing up on top for no reason… :/
14, 0:57.jpg
The Animator (author)  KemikalzAreFun1 year ago

Looks cool mate...very realistic!!!...sometimes latex peels of if there is loose skin flakes or oils in the skin. Try exfoliating the area first to get rid of the oils. Mine was gelatine which is heavier and sits on the skin better but peels of if it's being used as a moving part. Definatley the less black works better. The fake blood just gives a little more depth. I just mix some red, black and green food colour into my gelatine to make fake blood that sets....good job my man ;)

Nicely done!
Maybe instead of stippling black around the edges of the holes, apply some light purples, greens, and some yellows? It may give it that more infected/bruise-like look.
The Animator (author)  KemikalzAreFun1 year ago

Yeah buddy..a little to much black made it look a bit over-worked...cheers mate, good advice once again ;)