Well hello there,

The Steyr AUG has always been one of my favourite guns.
A month or two, three ago, I finally decided to make one out of K'nex. I hope I did its design justice, as it's one of the best looking rifles around, in my opinion, of course.

I replicated the AUG A2 version, which you can see in the last photo of the intro.

Step 1: The Gun

My version of the Armee Universal Gewehr.

There isn't that much to say about it, as it's a fairly standard model.
The handle looks off, which is my own fault. The internals of my model are pretty weird, with a re-inforcement bar running through most of the handle, to make it somewhat sturdy.
There is a fake ejection port on the right side. This once moved when you pulled the charging handle on the front back. However, with the weird internals, it wouldn't return without applying quite a bit of force, so I made it stationary.
The charging handle itself is pretty ugly, but it can be changed.
The front grip stays folded, or unfolded, with the way the rubberbands are placed.
That little thingy in front of the rail, with the purple connector, is supposed to be the forward sling loop.

Step 2: The Rail

The rail on top can house a variety of sights. I used my old ACOG and red dot sight with it, which you can see above.
Not that much to say about the rail, either.

If you want instructions, whether for the gun or the sights, yell at me, and I'll try to get them as soon as possible.

Awesome gun! I am planning on probably building this today. How far does it shoot?
<p>where the sling loop is i made a front side and on the rail i made a rear sight.</p>
noice<br>misses awoo~ tho
<p>Danke.<br>I couldn't awoo~ with this gun, so I'll awoo~ you instead.</p>
there's no need to yell tho
<blockquote>If you want instructions, whether for the gun or the sights, yell at me, and I'll try to get them as soon as possible.</blockquote><p>There was a reason to yell, though.</p>
<p>Only if you buy me that Homura costume.</p>
<p>how much it is sweety?</p>
<p>I'm not sure, but I believe it was on sale.</p>
<p>still buy me the sweater</p>
<p>But muh munnies</p>
same kmoet ook nog vuurwerk kopen sob
<p>rip a dib</p>
<p>nep a nepnep</p>
<p>I will do that</p>
<p>Patience, my child. I shall get instructions as soon as possible. However, there's a holiday going on in the Netherlands, and I must work tomorrow, so they'll have to wait until monday.</p>
Awoo~<br>also what ya building next handsome
<p>Awoo~<br>I don't know yet, honey.</p>
<p>Awoo~</p><p>awh that's too bad deary</p>
<p>It happens, sweetie.</p>
<p>Looks awesome!</p>
Pretty good! However, the handle angle is not quite right, and there's several parts of the stock that are a little off like the buttstock. Still a god looking gun. Good Job!
<p>Thanks.<br>Yeah, the handle sucks. Kind of worked myself in a corner there, with the way I did the internals. So I went for strentgh over looks in the end.<br>Glad you like it, though.<br></p>
You know what also adds to strength, 7 layers :p. Lol
<p>Hehehe.<br>I'm not a fan of seven layer guns, but you probably know that by now, lol. They're too bulky for my liking, and I don't have the pieces for them. Especially something of this size.<br>Not denying that two extra strength, though :P</p>
That's why I said it lol. But if you ever get more peices I would recommend 7 even 8 layer guns (a lot of people don't like 8 layers but they make them solid as a brick and make them look better IMO) they really make a difference. You interested in collaborating and making a tamohawk launcher? Lol don't respond to that.
<p>Probably won't be getting more K'nex anyway.<br>If you're good enough with K'nex, you can make a 5, even a 3 layer gun, solid as a rock. You don't need 8 layers for that. Besides, flat is justice.</p>
<p>Ha, I guess...</p>
You made my day! I couldn't stop laughing when you asked about the tomahawk launcher! I think you hit a nerve when you said that!!
<p>He didn't ask about a tomahawk launcher though.</p>
great looking gun! :)
<p>Thanks :)</p>
Looks pretty good! Nice job!

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