Picture of Stitch Yourself Shut- Surgery at home.
Perform surgery at home. This I'ble will show you how to stitch up a wound. It will provide guidelines to follow, as to assist you in performing your own surgery at home.

This I'ble does not substitute for a qualified opinion, yet provides general purpose information to assist those not fortunate enough to afford general practitioner or hospital assistance.

So, are you injured? Do you have a cut that just won't heal? Don't have time to go the hospital?

Read on, as I will solve all your injury needs.

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
What you will need is as follows.

~ Sewing needle, the smaller the better.

~ Cotton appprox 30cm.

~ Dis-infectant.

~ Bandage.

~ Probes/cleaning tools.

Once you have these lets begin...
lil jon1686 years ago
that didnt need stitches just some super glue and a bandaid
super glue?!?! 0.o y super glue?
super glue is used on certain cuts all the time in a doctor's office. but at home, super glue is great for papercuts.
or for a nail that is ripped really deep. works good to seal it till nail grows long enough to cut off
I do believe that super glue was developed for soldiers in WWII as a replacement for stitches.
not quite. It was made for gun sights, but found to be too sticky
Cyanoacrylate (superglue/crazyglue etc) has been found to be better than stitches in terms of incidence of infection, time consumption, and cosmetic result.

Source: http://www.jpgmonline.com/article.asp?issn=0022-3859;year=1986;volume=32;issue=2;spage=97;epage=100;aulast=Dalvi
Be sure to let the glue dry first or the bandaid will be embedded in the wound.
MariaS124 months ago
I can't go to the hospital for this... And yes I did it to myself.... But should I sew it myself? Or?
JR737 MariaS124 months ago
You really should avoid this procedure if at all possible. If those cuts are on part of your body that doesn't move too much or stretch the skin, then try steri strips. You really should get it checked out professionally. You can go to the hospital for this. Don't worry.
StoddardZR6 months ago

Super glue is more specifically known as cyanoacrylate (that's the technical word for the stuff), which you can use on skin, and doctors have for years. Yes, it is mildly toxic, but not enough to worry about damage to you unless you have allergies or other known reactions to the product.

Believe it or not, there are sites that walk through on how to fix a cracked tooth using cynoacrylate. They recommend brands with lower toxicity, of course.

Point is, it's common and stitches are for more brutal stuff.

jenalise7 months ago
You know, after the wound is cleaned and ready to stitch, you could sprinkle sugar into it. The sugar helps to regenerate tissue, then maybe use super glu instead of stitches, you wouldn't want the tissue growing into the stitches. Just an option. I had a staph infection that I needed cored. The hole in my leg was deep. After the couple of packing rounds Doc told me to fill the hole with sugar and top with neosporin and a bandage. Wow! Hole was filled and gone in a day!
SteveH88 months ago

4 to 5 fosters oil cans should do it. (;

shoshahoney10 months ago
please what type of anestisia we use ???

tequila or vodka will do just fine


Thanks much! (:

After reading the comments about the super glue, I was impressed. I'd never thought about the glue, but I've had a c-section and there were internal stitches, but my top layer of skin was actually glued. I had completely forgotten.

a-d-dge1 year ago

nice! by the way what is the kind of thread is better for that?

cmiller602 years ago
Super glue will work best if you take a thread or fishing line or hair for that matter and drag it through the super glue and place it across the wound. No need to squirt that crap directly at or in the wound, thats just a day, besides cutting yourself.
I did some googeling after reading your comment. Here's a glue product made for suturing.
Misac-kun2 years ago
I was thinking about this when you come up with this ible'.
zedonksmom2 years ago
I ran into site after breaking up a donkey versus dogs fight. I was seeing blood and thinking I might need to sew him up myself rather than load him up for a ride to the vet. I read the instructions and thought to myself, self, you been on both ends of a needle enough times to do this. I went out to examine the wound a little more carefully and considering the poor guy came within a hair of being gelded, I decided this particular incident is beyond my pay grade.

Ironically, as I sit here, however, I have just walked out a hospital with a my thoat slit from ear to ear to faciliatate the removal of a monstrous thyroid gland. No stitiches to take out; all superglued, I guess.

Just wish I could get my hands on some Novocaine to inject before I take needle to any future animal husbandry needs. The dogs I can probably hold still; not sure about the equines, though. And strategically placed hooves can really hurt.
How to I attach the thread to the needle?? Do I double it and tie the ends like normal?
recon5066 years ago
Is this BMX injury to be considered a good reason for stitches?
i've had worse
yes that is serious sew it up
how about a doctor?
did that cut really need stitches? I have had cut that at least from the photos you have taken are much worse and deeper and I just clean them off, put a butterfly bandage on them and don't move the part of my hand they are on for a week.
zchristian3 years ago
You should not use disinfectant, it is harmful to living tissue. Instead us antiseptic it only kills pathogens.
jhoenig4 years ago
if in an area with no burnable alcohols, is it possible to boil or burn the object with some source of fire to sterilize it?
tinker2344 years ago
santary counditins requried a clean blade and also strong fibers like spider webs
jake20344 years ago
Might I suggest "curving" the needle (or buying a curved one, for the sake of ease?), and having the thread be wet, to cut down on friction, and make this process easier, and faster.

The curved needle makes the zig-zagging almost nonexistent, since when the needle is all the way through it's near the other side. This causes less pushing/pulling and also allows you to get deeper into the skin much easier.
Doctor What6 years ago
I too have sliced a finger. It didn't hurt for some reason, but about a minute after, I felt sick. Like, I bent over in preparation for the heave. After a few minutes, I finally felt pain, but it wasn't as much as I had expected. I didn't sew it up (didn't think I needed to), but the wound didn't heal for like a week. Made it impossible to write.
Yeah, I get that too. Wonder why one gets nauseous.
It`s from the bloodloss makes you blood pressure drop and puts you in shock
Lftndbt (author)  Doctor What6 years ago
Isn't adrenaline wonderful? I once cut my finger tip off. Didn't feel a thing till I got myself to hospital. As soon as I relaxed and thought, "I'm here" man it hurt!! Until they gave me a nerve block. Arn't nerve blocks wonderful!! Yes, I needed to respond to some comments so I stitched it shut. I'm so dedicated. LoL
Ahh nerve Blocks and Morphine..

So you didn't cut it just for the ible. Maybe for version 2, you can cut your leg open!
Lftndbt (author)  Doctor What6 years ago
No, no that does not sound like fun at all. LoL
Well your fingers have some of the highest concentrations of nerve endings in your entire body, and if you slice it fast enough you may not feel it because of detached nerves.  idk about the feeling sick though, probably just your body letting you know there was something wrong in a different way because it hadnt established enough connection with the finger yet.
HerpHandler6 years ago
Crazy glue works too and you dont have to worry about removing any stiches.
Lftndbt (author)  HerpHandler6 years ago
"Worry" I can't say that it is, once you get use to it. Just stitch them in and cut them out when you are down. Simple... Thanks for your comment.
i took some stitches our of my foot with some nail clippers easiest thing ever
dumberthanU5 years ago
brother cut me a few days ago, pinky, tip. sliced down and trough the whole tip horizontal to the bone with a razor knife. .just barely missed my nail. if its a good cut i feel like the pain would make for a hard task. doc shot all around the base of my finger with lydacain you know the stuff the dentist uses. within a half an hour i coudn't feel anything. he also used saline to drain the cut of anything unwanted & used thin mono-filament (fishingline) 4 the stitches. It wouldnt be that bad an idea to have the needle pre threaded too, to save time.I really think some lydacain and a syringe would be worth its weight in gold for this. especially for a survival kit.
actually dentists use Novocain but yeah same thing happened to me but i cut
MYSELF on my left pointer but thy lydacain hurts so much more then the actual stitches i got stitches on my head with no anesthetic it was a lot less painful then the lydacain injection and the lydacain didn't even make the area number it was ale=ready quite numb from nerve damage.
codongolev6 years ago
what happens to the thread later?
Lftndbt (author)  codongolev6 years ago
It needs to be removed once the sub-dermal layers of skin have fused back together... This may take up to 4 days and they should not be removed till it heals. Do not leave them in for longer than a week as the skin WILL try to grow over them.
that happened to me with my doctor done up stitches it make it a lot more uncomfortable when getting them removed
ha... I've actually had stitches since that post. I got them on my face! with no anesthesia! yay concussions! I AM TRULY THE MANLIEST MAN!
lobo_pal5 years ago
This is true, I had to cut out some dirt about a year after it had gotten under my skin.
nickpunxxx6 years ago
A waterproof twine/thread would be a better choice; Cotton will allow moisture and dirt inside the wound (think of the wick in a gaslight) possibly leading to infection. Sterile wire or fishing line should be alright.
 Silk thread would be perfect, its what is actually sometimes used by surgeons
protocolZA5 years ago
 once, when i was a kid,i was playing with a bull-terria and he ripped me open, i didnt have superglue so i used ducttape. I have a huge scar.
jagman1116 years ago
You know this is good info . I am a mechanic and sometimes in life you just can't drop what you are doing and run to the doc to get fixed . i cut my thumb to the bone but had a job to finsh so i washed it out with clean water, used superglue to close it and a piece of clean t-shirt and duct tape to seal , then finshed job. 12 hrs later wife made me go see doc and said i just had kept clean bandage on it prob would have healed just fine, but got stitched anyway . healed just fine no probs.
did the glue hurt?
no it could not hurt more I already had a cut to the bone .
yeeeesh........ sucks. how did you cut it?
ErikaJavert6 years ago
I am not a medical genius, but I have worked in a couple of biomedical labs, where sterile technique is essential. To quickly sterilize instruments, we would dip the tip of the instrument in ethanol (at least a 70% solution, 90-100% is better), then light it on fire. The alcohol burns off quickly in a fairly controlled manner. Presumably, this eliminates most common germs. Obviously, you can't do this with cotton thread. The autoclave might be your best bet; if you don't have access to one, try a pressure cooker(?). Fold lengths of cotton thread into aluminum foil packets, autoclave, then stuff a couple into your Altoids emergency tin. Once a packet is opened, it should no longer be considered sterile.
Also, a flamed instrument cools surprisingly quickly - after the alcohol burns off, wait about ten seconds before touching the tip.
greenoakdoc6 years ago
Most thread isn't 100% cotton. Silk works better than cotton. 4- or 7-pound test fishing line is even better yet (though the knot security isn't quite as good) because it will wear better than silk or cotton.
Maybe that would be better, but keep in mind that an autoclave would probably denature a protein like silk, so you might not be able to sterilize it as you would cotton thread. Dunno about fishing line - depends what it's made of.
Lftndbt (author)  greenoakdoc6 years ago
I think I shall have to obtain some of this silk thread. Can it be found at sewing/fabric suppliers etc?
Good Instructions for a field expedient way of closing an annoying wound. Cleaning the wound before the procedure is more important than completely sterile equipment. Using a "clean" technique is an acceptable method provided that you follow a good aftercare schedule, ie. cleaning around the sutures, antibiotic intment, etc. Prevention of infection is the ultimate goal with any type of surgery. Luckily, the human body has an amazing capacity to fight off minor infections.
Thanks, this along with the wikipedia article on the surgeon's stitch were quite helpful. :) The only difference is that doctors apparently don't do the zigzag thing, instead they make seperate stitches.
Lftndbt (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
Interesting. I use this method here, as unlike in surgery you may not have two free hands to tie off knots. This is a simpler method... ;) Although when I gashed my elbow I had 8 stitches (via a doctor) He did not do individual stiches, yet the zig zig method but with a locking loop, if you get my drift. Same when my dog was de-sexed, no knots on each stitch. I don't think they use too many knots on dogsbecause they would rip the stitches out, perhaps the doctor used that method because it was on my elbow...
I agree with the superglue trick, but I have had to stitch my own leg on my right shin when I was sawing wood with a chainsaw and the chain snapped and caught my leg. It was a good 4 inch gash by 1/2 inch wide and about as deep. Just need to be sure you have all your stitching tools clean and steryl and some rubbing alcohaul (or vodka, it may help dull the pain) But anyway, it was clean and didn't get infected and now i got a cool scar on my leg, to go with the dozens of other scars I have, you know, like the dirtbike and quad scars, the oops I slipped with a knife, the shard of glass in my arm from a car accident, fights, well you get the point. At the least, Happy Stitching....hahaha
Derin6 years ago
Another warning: Don't do this with a sewing machine. Not that I tried,or got a stitch anywhere on myself...
poser Derin6 years ago
i tryed it and it hurt like whoa! :D
Derin poser6 years ago
I had guessed so :)
poser6 years ago
omg! i did that once and i waz kalled emo 4 the rest of the week o -o
wow. i get gashes liek that on my fingers all the time(i am not a careful person when it comes to utility knives) but ive never even once thought of sewing em shut.
would rather use superglue it is faster
Lftndbt (author)  Father Christmas6 years ago
Yes, so do I. This one was just particularly annouying and would not close. I needed to type so I stiched it. Simple once you have done it a few times.
well, this will come in handy for me. thanks
Brother_D6 years ago
That cut seems like one that could stand to be left un-stitched.
Lftndbt (author)  Brother_D6 years ago
I can assure you, after a day of typing it got annouying, so it got stitched.
You tried a band-aid?
Lftndbt (author)  Brother_D6 years ago
Yes three, the first two bled through and dissolved the adhesive, releasing them. The third stopped the bleeding, but sweated off after an hour of typing.
Lftndbt (author)  Lftndbt6 years ago
Also tryed 2 steri strips, they must have been old / not very good quality, as they only stayed on 15mins.
Wow, I guess the wound was worse than it looks in the picture.
Berkin6 years ago
The picture of you cleaning the wound looks like you're sticking that probe into the cut like sticking an earphone plug into a jack. It made me feel sick!
Lftndbt (author)  Berkin6 years ago
LoL, yes if you were to think of it too much it could affect you.
scafool6 years ago
Did you know you can buy the same needles and suture in sterile packages as the doctors use from a ranch or veternary supply. A proper needle with 5 feet of suture costs about $6.00 US. If you think you might be doing this often you might want to include a few in your first aid kit. As much as I advise against "Ditch Medicine" if you have no other choice then you have to do what you must. If you know how to work out your dosages the antiseptics and antibiotics might be of use to you too. I would likely have just used some wound closer strips, some tape or some crazy glue. A small cut like that could be held together quite easily with tape wound closers and if it is a clean sharp untorn cut it should heal without scarring.
goodgnus6 years ago
Clean cuts (once cut my palm about 1/8" deep by 1" long taking new knives out of packaging) are much better suited to being closed with superglue. Clean wound thoroughly, disinfect, dry thoroughly, pinch wound together, apply super glue, let dry sufficiently. Repeat with several expanding layers for better adhesion. Fastest I've ever seen a cut on my body heal! I may have heard this wrong but I think superglue was originally invented for closing skin in throat surgeries? It does have incredible and immediate adhesion on skin to skin.
Bartboy6 years ago
Not to be racist, but if some people need to do this, I laugh at the US'd poor economy. It is sad though.
thats stereotyping, for, some people just want to do it themselves or just dont want to go to the hospital or anything.
Try waiting 3 hrs in accident and emergency dept' at the local hospital and you'll wish you'd tried it too!.
hehehe, nope. I live on an isolated Island, so the hospitalis only full like that three days a year. plus my moms a doctor.
Lftndbt (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
Why only three days a year?
Bartboy Lftndbt6 years ago
Halloween, New years and one other holiday, Because of people with fireworks and stuff , and drunks.
Lftndbt (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
Oh that is funny as!!
Bartboy Lftndbt6 years ago
yeah i know. ;p
Lftndbt (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
Yes, you are right. This I'ble is the direct results of the US economy state. Pfft...
zorro33556 years ago
it's painful to even look at it<-----------that i would never be a medic.
wazupwiop6 years ago
ok. I used to be a boyscout. I recommend alcohol or heat to sterilize instruments. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE GOING TO BLEED TO DEATH BEFORE YOU CAN REACH A HOSPITAL.
Not necessarily. If you're not comfortable with the idea of doing this and don't feel up to stitching yourself then by all means let someone who's better prepared to do so do so. I've come out of a hospital ERs before though with $1000 dollars or more in medical bills for a gash on my foot that I could have done as good a job stitching back shut. It was bleeding terribly when I cut it, but by the time the ER got around to taking care of it the bleeding had stopped, the nurse asked who did the dressing I came in wearing (because he didn't believe I could have), and I could have done the 12 stitches at home. Oh well, it was still a good learning experience. Don't wear flip-flops around sheet sheet metal, it fillets like a knife. Needless to say though I didn't heed the doctor's advice about coming back, I trimmed out the stitches myself once it healed.
I was at a hotel with a bunch of my friends and I came up from the bottom of the pool and hit my head on a kids chin. I had to get stitches, and one of my friends is a doctor so she ran to her friends house and stiched me up in the hotel room....lots of blood... I wonder what room service thought....a bunch of bloody towels, a bloody sink, and an ice filled bathtub. ( the bathtub was unrelated...we just had to dump 3 coolers worth of ice somewhere...)
Lftndbt (author)  iBurn6 years ago
Fun times...
iBurn Lftndbt6 years ago
Hell yes.
Kaiven iBurn6 years ago
hehehe... I swam into my sister and knocked a tooth out. I possibly swallowed it...
iBurn Kaiven6 years ago
....so...you ran into her with your mouth?
Crusty_07 iBurn6 years ago
Sounds a bit suspect to me. Incest?
iBurn Crusty_076 years ago
Kaiven iBurn6 years ago
Nope, with my .. actually, yes. With my front teeth. Hurt her bad too.
iBurn Kaiven6 years ago
....so..the tooth got from her mouth to yours HOW?
Kaiven iBurn6 years ago
Oh, NO!!! I meant I swam and my tooth got knocked out by her head. I swallowed my tooth...
SURE.... It's a likely story... Funny how it changes now everyone knows your secret.... LOL
iBurn Crusty_076 years ago
Haha, Maybe next time he'll be a little more clear...
Lftndbt (author)  iBurn6 years ago
Poor guy. LoL
i agree
Lftndbt (author)  carpespasm6 years ago
Yes I to am a picker. My stitches never makes it back to be removed. I managed to severe my forearm muscle off the bone several months back. 6 internal stitchs and 11to close the skin. Those 1 came out as soon as it healed over... I find most stitchs tend to pull at the skin if not removed soon after healing.
I'm not really a picker, I just had the minimal skill needed to figure out when the skin had enough strength to remove the stitches
Lftndbt (author)  carpespasm6 years ago
Yes, that is always tricky. Inflammation,redness are good indicators.
OR if you want to save 800 bucks. Keep an eye on it and if it looks bad, then go to the doctor to get antibiotics (they'll put you on them anyway if you go get stitches). I know that this isn't for everyone, but a lot of people seem to be freaked out about doing this. I agree with Carpespasm. If you aren't comfortable, don't do it. No one is forcing you to follow this instructable. It's just teaching us about emergency first aid. Again, great instructable.
You could also move to Canada, no more fussy bills .
Lftndbt (author)  MostlyHarmless6 years ago
I'll stay in AU thanks. ;)
Lftndbt (author)  nerdologist6 years ago
Thankyou for your comment.
Lftndbt (author)  wazupwiop6 years ago
I was taught to pee on a wound in boyscouts to sterilize it. I don't do that either. ;)
Pee??? That is weird thing to do...
Lftndbt (author)  Plasmana6 years ago
Some thing about urine being sterile maybe? Too long ago now to remember why.
yeah, urine is sterile, usually, to one's own body-but there are plenty of other substances in urine that can be really damaging to tissues. DONT piss on a wound!
It could act as a flushing agent and the ammonia might have some sterilizing properties (not sure about that). I've heard of peeing on one's foot as a cure for athlete's foot. I would imagine that the reason why is mostly because it's something you likely have available and would be better than bug juice or plain water.
Kaiven6 years ago
Nice ible! I've cut my thumb deep before, it sucked so bad. Cuts hurt at first for but then get annoying, all they do is bleed. Anyways, I cut my thumb, and it opened anytime I slightly bent my thumb. I always had my thumb out, like a "thumbs up" and it was really annoying.
Lftndbt (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
LoL, stitch it shut next time.
super glue is exactly the same as liquid band aid but stronger and w/ antiseptic. it works as well as stitches, my dad gashed his foot on a sharp rock in costa rica that would have needed stitches, but he just drove back home fixed it up w/ super glue and walked back down to the beach and kept surfing
Lftndbt (author)  garden burger6 years ago
I used super glue back in my late teens for a couple of nasty cuts ( splits really, i had bad excema back then ), it works really well, but get it in the wound and you'll be sorry, i'll hear you scream from here.
Lftndbt (author)  Daddio_UK6 years ago
So, not so good "in" the wound you say?
You shouldn't do this. Doctors use sterile equipment. This could give you a bad infection.
Lftndbt (author)  imshanedulong6 years ago
Yes, you are right. You shouldn't do this with non sterile implements. That is why you sterilize them first.
........................oh. But with what?
heat, alcohol, bleach...
Lftndbt (author)  imshanedulong6 years ago
I think there have been several suggestions, of alternatives thoughout the comments here.
nerdologist6 years ago
I have used dental floss before because it's wax-coated, somewhat more sterile than sewing thread, and seems to hold up a bit better than cotton thread. Now I use a skin stapler or super glue--they are quicker and less painful. If you don't have something like betadine, you can use a solution of antibacterial dish soap and water to rinse the wound before stitching. I wouldn't recommend soaking something that is too deep, as it can actually introduce infection. This is all that I have to add from my experience with open wounds. Great pictures and description for people who might not have access to a doctor--like hunters and hikers. +1
twenglish16 years ago
a good way of sterilizing is to boil the equipment for about 10 mins to kill anything. great idea i did this once when i cut myself with a jig-saw real bad and it healed perfectly. how did you cut your finger just curios
Lftndbt (author)  twenglish16 years ago
Whilst looking for bait, amoungst oyster covered rocks.
wow i heard those things can get pretty sharp but i didn't know this sharp
How do you remove the sticthes from the wound?
Lftndbt (author)  jimihendrix47536 years ago
Snip the knot, un-thread the way it went in.
Lftndbt (author)  jimihendrix47536 years ago
No problems.
jasontimmer6 years ago
Ok, the point of stitches is to reduce chances of infection or reduce scarring. People, there is no reason to stitch yourself up unless you are highly trained in the matter. There are all kinds of things that can go wrong here- trapping dirt or air inside the wound, using filthy string (that pulls through the wound again when you remove it- further increasing chances of infection.) If you have a small wound and REALLY can't afford the $100 or so for proper medical care, just wash it, apply pressure until bleeding stops, put some antibiotic gel on it, and cover with a sterile dressing. Change the dressing once a day. Don't go poking needles and thread into the wound.
Lftndbt (author)  jasontimmer6 years ago
"Don't go poking needles and thread into the wound."

Have you ever been to a doctor to have stiches done?
I have never been satified with sterilization practises, abilities of the medical staff, or time consumed at a hospital.

Last time I was in, was because I cut my finger tip off.
During my time there, I was accused of being on drugs because I didn't complain.
I could visibly spot blood stains on the surgical table/floor/sink etc
The doctor decided that because the dressing had been "grown over" by the skin he would just rip it back out again with no anesthetic.
this is not the only bad experience i have had.
Hence I am not going back to hosptial unless I really need to.
I'm an RN, an I gotta say, you must be going to a hospital in the friggin' ghetto. Unless that place you went to is still operating under policies enacted in the 1800's, I find it really hard to believe there were bloodstains around that weren't yours. You say you aren't satisfied with abilities of modern medical staff, yet you're content to stitch yourself up with a filthy needle and thread? Get real.
Lftndbt (author)  jasontimmer6 years ago
No not "operating under policies enacted in the 1800's" nor in the "ghetto", private actually. No offence intended, but nurses due to their daily requirements "miss-out" on some duties to respond to more urgent ones. You and I both know that is the case. Either that or my mother whom is also a RN, has been lying to me about the daily obsurd treatment of patients and lack of cleanliness. I have heard and seem patients lying in their on feacal matter for hours before someone attended. I have also witnessed restrained elderly patients have their notes signed off, as bathed and bed sores attended to, yet not. So before you to tell me that you "find it really to believe" that there was traces of blood left, perhaps you should take a close look around your own hospital because it sounds like you too maybe "missing" some things. You known that red stain in the sinks drain grill? Yeah its blood, clean it next time so the public don't pick up on shoddy practises.
Sorry I came off a little hostile in that last post. Yes, as an RN I'm forced to cut corners on a daily basis, but what you're describing is an absolutely unacceptible lack of basic hygeine. You do have an course of action when you see this- call your state department of health (or department of inspections and appeals) and report the hospital. They will be forced to thoroughly review their procedures or will be shut down. And I guarantee if you ever come to my hospital, you will get top-notch, clean, hygenic, quality care.
Lftndbt (author)  jasontimmer6 years ago
I can say the same about my last post. Perhaps it maybe just an unfortunate set of co-incidences. which has formed my opinion. I guess the whole "on drugs" things was a running hosp type joke in regards to most patients screaming over such things. I just didn't appreciate it at the time. I was in ALOT of pain but my threshhold is quite high. I don't think the room, was ready for patients I was taking to. It was a very small room, walls mostly covered in glass cabinets stocked with hosp goods. There was a small sink and a exam table. Maybe some type of prep/storage room. It was definatley not located with other exam rooms. So im thinking it was due/past due for a thorough clean. As far as I know the red/black stains weren't blood, I guess they could have been several other types of fluid located in a hospital. It's just, hospitals and red fluid give you an obvious reaction. You obviously sound very dedicated to your professional and I admire you for that. I am sure your hospital is more than acceptable. Don't get me wrong. When I severed my forearm muscle of the bone, I ran straight to hospital. The Admin says "Can I help you sir" I replied "Yes I managed cut my elbow and was wondering if I could see someone?" Admin replies "What about your face?" I am thinking what about my face? I hurt my arm silly lady. The I realised I had managed to hit my face at the same time fairly bad too. LoL Very funny indeed.
seolfor6 years ago
Great instructable! This used to be taught in Boy Scouts, and I still have the book to prove it, but they stopped teaching it back in the 80s. About 10 years ago, I had to put stitches in a friend when they put their hand through a plate glass door, because the wind caught the door and closed it on them. Why, some would ask? Because they lived out in the country and the closest hospital was an hour's drive away. I still took them to the hospital, but the attending left the stitches in. This is good to know how to do, but just hope you never need to use the knowledge. And, as others have mentioned, superglue works well for sealing small wounds. Perhaps someone who suggested using it would like to do an ible on that?
Yeah. I Hacked my leg open a while ago. I waited for 4 hours in the waiting room in Kenora and They too about 30 seconds to wash the wound and put glue on it. It was a big deep cut, but I did not even get a scar!
Lftndbt (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
Looks like a smart man, would market a surgical grade super glue to the public.
Lftndbt (author)  seolfor6 years ago
Wow! Thanks for your comment. that is interesting about it being taught in boyscouts. Can I ask, what did they suggest to use?
seolfor Lftndbt6 years ago
If I remember correctly, silk thread, preferably, or cotton thread if silk was not available. Silk was preferred, as silk was the preferred thread used for sutures in hospitals. They also suggested using the smallest needle you had available. Sterilization was done with boiling water, then alcohol, or one or the other if one was not available. To get our badge for this, we had to suture/stitch together a cut made on the skin of a piece of raw chicken. With all of the political correctness, animal rights, litigation happy society, etc., I can understand why they stopped teaching this. However, I am glad I was taught this, and didn't have to try to rely on images from a book. Once again, great instructable!
Lftndbt (author)  seolfor6 years ago
That is really cool. It's a pity such basic skills have been ceased being taught. Thankyou.
the machine6 years ago
man, you've gotta have balls to do this.
Lftndbt (author)  the machine6 years ago
Hmmm, not really. I think it is all in the way you view it.. If you think ow ow ow!! I'm stitching myself. Yeah But it's just skin, stitch and get over it... LoL
panstar16 years ago
a few years ago I had a really bad cut lets just say it involved the glass pot you know the ones coffee makers use , & a seizure (I have epilepsy ) and I ended up with a good sized gash & well I ever when to the hospital for stiches I just keep it clean. I would clean it every day and keep it closed with those good band aids the ones that stick so well it pulls all the hair off of the skin. In the end it heal up nicely with no problems except a scar which was expected. One the though if at any time if the skin around the would got red & painful ,or a lot of "puss" cam out ,or it started to smell I would have went to the hospital I may not like doctor's much ,but not enough to get gangrene ! & I might as well say it .it was deep like 1/4 of inch deep closer to 1/2 " , try sitting down with that on the side of you butt !!
I've split my thumb open and did much the same as you. Diagonal and across the whole pad of the thumb almost down to the bone. There's barely any scar.
Lftndbt (author)  panstar16 years ago
Ok thats nasty.
Clean out the wound, put a bead of super glue on the wound, done plus if you hurt yourself at your work table, you already have everything you need to "fix" your wound with out even having to get up :P
Superglue is not a good thing to use on a wound that is deep and opens up without prying the skin apart. It's perfectly fine for paper/cardboard cuts or other shallow cuts. It's a godsend if you work in a hardware store, because a bandaid just doesn't do anything when you're lifting mortar or concrete and you have a hand wound from opening a box earlier in the day.
Lftndbt (author)  tstartrekdude6 years ago
Wheres the fun in that? Stitch away!!
caitlinsdad6 years ago
What, doesn't anyone still have a shot of whisky and take a rusty knife and roast it in a campfire until it is red hot and cauterize the wound? Maybe take a big staple gun and close the wound? Sorry, that might be Killerjackalope...

Good thing it wasn't any worse.

Lftndbt (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
Might of had killer chasing after me.. LoL
shroud6 years ago
As an alternative one could always just use readily available sutures.


or even


Might not be as much fun as TOTAL diy, but the coolness of having a surgical kit on your workbench makes up for it. :D
Lftndbt (author)  shroud6 years ago
Nah I think we will stick to the free option. Thanks for your comment. By the way, you don't happen to work for either of those companies do you? LoL
dchall86 years ago
When I saw all the comments on this Instructable I figured there was some controversy. Glad to see it is pretty well accepted. There are lots of home remedies that have become the exclusive realm of the doctor's office. One reason super glue doesn't always work is the location of the opening. If the skin is going to be pulled and stretched, then you need something like immobilization, stitches, or lots of very serious butterfly band aids on top. Personally I've had much worse cuts than that and left them untreated except for bacitracin ointment and a band aid.
Lftndbt (author)  dchall86 years ago
Yes, that is the issue I also have with glue. It tends to resplit on my finger tips. I have used it before on the webbing of my fingers successfully though. I also sweat to much for buttfly clips to work. Yes normally I prefer to just air a wound. This was done on oysters and was alot deeper than what it looks. The cuts length is nothing but it was more of a puncher that went in deep. It bled profusley even with a band aid on it for 3 hours. After that I needed to type so I just resorted to the easiest option I had available at the time. Good ole' needle and thread.
Lftndbt (author) 6 years ago
Day two- Swelling has decreased. Redness has left the area. No infection seems present. These stitchs will be coming out soon. Pics to follow, hopefully clear ones if I can find my camera not my silly phone.
wow. a ,um, better thread to use would be fishing line. Cotton thread is absorbent so its going to suck up all your finger juices and promote breeding of bacteria. and using a curved needle instead. something small like this, you would have been better to use styptic powder. If its a life or death emergency, like a cut artery use "quik clot" gun shot wounds, you can use tampons.
Lftndbt (author)  thematthatter6 years ago
Um.... yeah thats all well and good provided you have these things available.
"curved needle" , gimme a break we are talking readily available not personal choice here.
ok, but for the sake of instructables, i would like to see a picture 5 days from now when you remove the stitches. :)
Lftndbt (author)  thematthatter6 years ago
LoL, that's what I'm waiting for.
Vendigroth6 years ago
Are any Instructables you do NOT awesome?
Lftndbt (author)  Vendigroth6 years ago
Sorry, is that a comment to me or killer? I can't tell.
Lftndbt (author)  Vendigroth6 years ago
LoL, thanks. Your comment makes me smile. ;)
One thing I took the time to do was to bend the needle just a little, it does make it alot easier, then again I pretty much had to because the wound was an odd shape, now I have a mirror of a nike tick on my ring finger...

Nice job, I wonder if this would work on my belly button, damn thing won't close...

Boddy modders - that was a joke, I will not sew my belly button shut!
Lftndbt (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Yes I would definatley prefer a slighlty curved needle. Did you heat bend it or just by hand? Please don't sew your belly button shut .. LoL ;)
I had one useful hand so I pressed both ends with a pencil in the middle, was the best I could do at the time... Fine, but I'm giving myself webbed fingers and toes for Xmas.
Lftndbt (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Ok I see. I have tried to "curve" a needle before without much success. I'll try the pencil method. Yes, webbed fingers and toes would be much more practical. Where else would one, store their collection of belly button lint?
CameronSS6 years ago
My standard method of sterilization (for puncturing blood blisters, etc.) is to use a butane microtorch to heat the instrument until it glows, then dip it in alcohol to I don't burn myself. That was the method we used in my biology class to sterilize little wire hoops before scraping off cheek cells.
Lftndbt (author)  CameronSS6 years ago
Yes that would be more than adequate.
klee27x6 years ago
A cut that size can be naggingly painful and take a long time to heal if not closed up properly. But there is an even easier way than stitching it. It's superglue. Pharmaceutical companies sell super expensive superglue that has part of it's molecular structure changed. But there's nothing wrong with using regular superglue. I know docs who have worked in ER's in Canada where they use regular superglue when the expensive stuff runs out. I've used it myself, on fingertip cuts.
I agree, superglue is a viable option.
Lftndbt (author)  CaseyCase6 years ago
Me too.
Lftndbt (author)  klee27x6 years ago
Yes superglue is an option. The "no name" brand that I had available at the time looks at best sketchy with little to no information on the container. I opted for cotton as I have had good results from it in the past.
Jahoovi klee27x6 years ago
I don't know if it's a good idea to use superglue when you have other options, but hikers and campers will often bring a tube with, in case something happens. It does work.
Plasmana6 years ago
Ouch! That looks really painful!
Lftndbt (author)  Plasmana6 years ago
Not so painful as such, just inconvenient. It feels great today and does not seem to be infected at this point.
Hmm, it still looks really painful...
Holy ouch!
Lftndbt (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
LoL, "Holy ouch!". That about what I said too. ;)
lol holy ouch can I use that
Heehee. Be sure to credit me...
Holy ouch! credits to Adrian monk for making that expression.
ok I like your profile picture its cool
Rayzorblade6 years ago
super glue is better. its painless and seals it up nice and tight. I generally have a bottle in my pocket everywhere i go and 3-4 in my backpack...... i should start a hospital!!!
Lftndbt (author)  Rayzorblade6 years ago
Maybe it's just personal choice... I have had you superglue method fail on me and re-open several times. I however have never had properly sewn stiches fail..
pyro136 years ago
You, sir, are very dedicated, you sow on yourself for the sake of posting an instructable. awsome! Very well done, though for smaller stuff not worth pulling out the sowing kit, i just use Krazy Glue.
Lftndbt (author)  pyro136 years ago
Me too.
MerleCorey6 years ago
In my opinion that "wound" did not require stitches, but im no doctor.
Lftndbt (author)  MerleCorey6 years ago
No, you are right it possibly did not. That's my point. You wouldn't spend money getting it stitched yet due to its position it has bled for several hours now as it continued to split and not mend. Hence it was stitched.
Or superglued :)
Lftndbt (author)  microman1716 years ago
Yes I agree. the only superglue I had at hand though was a no name cheap cheap glue which looked a lil' sketchy. I opted for the good ole' fashion method.
Lftndbt (author)  MerleCorey6 years ago
Your quick by the way, only finished stitching it 1/2 hour ago. Then posted. It's stopped bleeding FYI.
Your stitches look really well done..nice and neat. My brother's friend is in med school, and needed stitches at one point. He asked if he could do them himself, and since it was a slow night, they let him. Apparently it was going to leave a scar, but he got it done.
Lftndbt (author)  Weissensteinburg6 years ago
"Your stitches look really well done..nice and neat" Can you tell I've done this many times before? LoL.
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
No!!!! Don't use cotton! It can react somehow and be bad for you. (forgot why). Otherwise good job!
Lftndbt (author)  LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
If the wound is too moist, the cotton will rot.