Picture of Stick + Coal : the Minecraft torch of protection
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I wanted some extra light here, so I decided to build a torch. While looking for the colors, i stumbled upon this model on ThinkGeek. it looks really nice, but my need for light is only on a metaphorical level. I kept it simple: print the model, cut and glue. Voilà!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
sir ward12 days ago
seeflm10 made it!22 days ago
I used cardboard for only the stick part so that if you put a light in the torch lights up.
Great Instructable!
paulgeorge13 made it!2 months ago

i made it!

lol 118.JPG
emmarose4 months ago

This is cool! Torches from the store are sooooo expensive. I'll definitely make one!

epicface031 year ago

cool dude

thanks for showing me

my sister LOVES minecraft so i just made her two and put them on her wall. she has no idea so she'll be surprised. Mine turned out kinda crappy, but its only because im not that good at this stuff but she'll appriciate it :)
woz.artur (author)  LithiumRose1 year ago
Haha, she will have a nice surprise! The good side of pixelated stuff is that the imperfections aren't that visible :P
Bayron2472 years ago
how do you light it up
woz.artur (author)  Bayron2472 years ago
This one is not lit, but i'd suggest LED
Seranok2 years ago
What paper did you use?
woz.artur (author)  Seranok2 years ago
I don't remember, i think it was a 80 lb paper. I had it printed at a printer, and i simply chose the thickest in the cheap papers!
taattooed32 years ago
Very cool,the kids love minecraft,think I'm gonna have to try making a few with wood and led's. Thanks for sharing.
This is pretty cool. I'm thinking of modifying this: Making the torch out of wood, and using plexiglas for the flame (painted or tinted, of course). Run an small lamp socket and wiring to it, and voila, you have a true lighting minecraft torch. My little nephew is gonna love it! Thank you for the inspiration!
Hah, I have one in my office now! Gonna see if I can make one in plastic =)
c3ralki1l3r2 years ago
Im going to add a flashlight inside :)
or a really light led
h88642 years ago
would you call this a safety torch?
sunshiine2 years ago
This is very nice! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!
I've been wanting to make these for the longest time. Thanks for making my life a bit easier! :D

sschrybu2 years ago
Looks great!

Would you mind sharing the color version of the pdf?

woz.artur (author)  sschrybu2 years ago
My error, wrong file, but it's fixed now!
secundine2 years ago
can we get color version that we can just print out?
woz.artur (author)  secundine2 years ago
D'oh! Sorry, I uploaded the wrong file, but it's now fixed: a color pdf and the original illustrator file if needed. Have fun!
supereric2 years ago
Where did you find the model? Did you have to buy it?
woz.artur (author)  Adambowker982 years ago
Didn't find it, I made it :)
I used Illustrator, I'll upload the file here!