This is my first instructable , so dont be mean or anything OK?Its a knex grenade I made ,I didnt get it of any body so dont think i cheated

Step 1: Parts

these are the things you need....

Step 2: Pin

Step 3: Fragments

Step 4: RB

Step 5: Adding the Rb

Step 6: Finished!!!

remov the pin and throw.(pin is the red rod)
i was hoping for something with more boom ... and oregano
Looks like a copy.<br />
&nbsp;its not i checked everywhere
I don't get it,l how do you use this thing?<br />
you pull the pin out(red rod with black connectors on it) and if its made right, you throw it
Oh wait, I get it. Does it work everytime you throw?<br />
yes it does ,but make sure the orange connector is pretty centered on top or it might explode in your hand
yu just throw it and the orange connector falls off and the spacers fly out<br />
Cool! <br /><br />Easy to use! Easy to build! Keep it up!

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