Step 5: Getting the Graphite

Picture of Getting the Graphite
Now we have the shell of the pencil we need to get the graphite out of the normal pencil.

Most pencils wooden casing will split if you apply pressure but we don't want the graphite to snap so we cant just jump on it.
Using Scissors or the Garden scissors you used earlier, clamp down on the flat end of the pencil, this should cause a split in the wood and you can snap it off, Keep on snapping the wood off until you have enough graphite exposed to fill the hole you drilled. Then simply snap the graphite off.

Alternatively you could break open a ball point and make a Stick-Biro..
Shrimp7827 years ago
How can you get it out??? It always breaks for me! Anyone have an idea?
use the pencil as a welding rod, the wood will burn off pretty quick, way before the graphite starts to melt heh