Fast and easy way to make paper into a sturdy building material for small projects such as miniature bridges, paper crossbows, or anything else you can think of.

Step 1: Materials

Paper (preferably computer paper)
Tape (Scotch Tape works best, but any works)
Flat Surface
Hands (At least two would work best)
&nbsp;Maybe I should rethink my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-sticks-made-easy/" rel="nofollow">other instructable</a>. This is a lot stiffer than I originally thought! *this is&nbsp;embarrassing*
haha somtthing do beat my bro and sis with<br />
This my first instructables so have at me, tell me what you think or need to know.
&nbsp;What I want to know is could you apply paper mache on the sticks <strong>inside </strong>to make it stronger? Hmm, maybe I should make an instructable on that tomorrow. <em>How to strengthen tevers94's paper </em><em>sticks</em>.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Take note of actual date and time of this comment:<br /> Time: 9:37 pm southeast&nbsp;Asia<br /> Date: Feb.3, 2010 southeast&nbsp;Asia<br />
Sounds good to me, i don't know if there will be enough space on the inside but if it works i would love to know.<br />
&nbsp;I tested my first &quot;experimental&quot; paper stick and it was a partial success! Well, you would have noticed &quot;partial&quot; because the stick got stiff but then when under&nbsp;continuous&nbsp;pinching at the length of the stick, it will eventually fail. Under compression it's great! Kinda hammered it and it still stands! I only glued it with standard white glue ( Elmer's Glue-All ) inside when I was rolling it. Imagine if i filled it with paper mache...<br /> <br /> Anyway, I'll be sure to give you updates sooner or later.<br />
thanks, good luck<br />
<em>Thinks about making a giant paper stick out of newspapers</em><br/>
i just tried it and... even 4 layers was kinda weak. it probably cause the thickness to total size is different
Well done you did not rush it or drone on and on.the one paper stick i've made so far is great. Of course, I'm not a good critic
Thanks a lot for the comment. Good luck.

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