Stick-on Duct Tape Guitar Pick Holder





Introduction: Stick-on Duct Tape Guitar Pick Holder

Ever wanted to have your picks with you? ON your guitar? Then why don't you try this super cheap, somewhat durable, doesn't leave permanent marks on your guitar, kinda crappy guitar pick holder?

You need:
duct tape

Step 1: Start

Roll out and cut about 4 inches of duct tape.

Step 2: Cut in Half

Cut the four inch piece into two pieces long ways.

Step 3: Begin Assembly

Take one of the strips and wrap a straight ring around one guitar pick. Don't make it to tight though, so you have room for more picks.

Step 4: Indent.

Indent the two sides where the pick starts to narrow.

Step 5: Start Covering

Cut off a small piece of the next strip and cover the bottom with it (Sticky side out)

Step 6: Keep Going.

Cut another small piece off and cover the bottom (sticky side in).

Step 7: Almost Done.

Cover up the rest of the case and cut off any excess hanging off the top.

Step 8: Cut

Cut a notch in the front for access to the picks.

Step 9: Last Step

Cut a small strip and wrap in a circle (sticky side out). stick this on the back of the case and onto your guitar.




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    I like the final result in step 9. It looks like it would be an easy grab if you needed a pick fast. The pick holder is use is called Ready Pick. I mainly like it because it's a clear pad and people can't even see that there is a pick holder on my guitar.

    wath kind of guitar is this?

    it's a fender starcaster. it's smaller than the stratocaster.

    starcasters arent smaller tham a standard strat, they are just made cheaper.

    Hey that's kind of scary if you care about your gutars finish. I make a pick holder
    that clips to your strap. I call it a Pic Stik check it out


    id probably use masking tape or something for this step so it doesn't leave adhesive.

    i will not be putting this on my les paul custom -_-

    LES PAUL!!!!! dang.... i got mine fer $25 at a garaj sale!!!