Step 1: Start

Picture of Start
Roll out and cut about 4 inches of duct tape.

Step 2: Cut In Half

Picture of Cut In Half
Cut the four inch piece into two pieces long ways.

Step 3: Begin assembly

Picture of Begin assembly
Take one of the strips and wrap a straight ring around one guitar pick. Don't make it to tight though, so you have room for more picks.

Step 4: Indent.

Picture of Indent.
Indent the two sides where the pick starts to narrow.

Step 5: Start covering

Picture of Start covering
Cut off a small piece of the next strip and cover the bottom with it (Sticky side out)

Step 6: Keep going.

Picture of Keep going.
Cut another small piece off and cover the bottom (sticky side in).

Step 7: Almost done.

Picture of Almost done.
Cover up the rest of the case and cut off any excess hanging off the top.

Step 8: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut a notch in the front for access to the picks.

Step 9: Last step

Picture of Last step
Cut a small strip and wrap in a circle (sticky side out). stick this on the back of the case and onto your guitar.

patricjh1 year ago
I like the final result in step 9. It looks like it would be an easy grab if you needed a pick fast. The pick holder is use is called Ready Pick. I mainly like it because it's a clear pad and people can't even see that there is a pick holder on my guitar.
Undermig5 years ago
wath kind of guitar is this?
muffinhead (author)  Undermig5 years ago
it's a fender starcaster. it's smaller than the stratocaster.
starcasters arent smaller tham a standard strat, they are just made cheaper.
Ok thx haha
rkpia3 years ago
Hey that's kind of scary if you care about your gutars finish. I make a pick holder
that clips to your strap. I call it a Pic Stik check it out
monkeyman264 years ago
id probably use masking tape or something for this step so it doesn't leave adhesive.
i will not be putting this on my les paul custom -_-
Ya, me neither.
LES PAUL!!!!! dang.... i got mine fer $25 at a garaj sale!!!
muffinhead (author)  sailorjosh1235 years ago
never said you had to. :P
NeonLime6 years ago
That looks like dollar store duck tape at the mall ;D Just like that Hot Topic Pic<3 Hot Topic pwns :D Hmm the duct tape CAN leave a sticky residue which is annoying to come off, great idea though!
try packing tape youll have to put some more on every once in a while but it shouldnt leave residue
My friend has a real one of these-- plastic and everything, but it's not as messy as this. Great job, very easy to do, I might want to do this soon.
i had a plastic one... then the sticky part wasnt so sticky and it fell off
muffinhead (author)  GorillazMiko6 years ago
thanks that means a lot coming from an instructables celebrity :D lol
I've now put all my picks on my guitar
Brother_D6 years ago
You know, I was in my local music store today and I saw picks that have little crazy sucker thingies on the back that stick to your guitar! But this is also a great way to store picks on a guitar, I would just put it on the back of the guitar, so I don't have a big red thing stuck to my axe.
mrjubjub6 years ago
I too have the fender starcaster. I disklike it because its just a bit teenier than other guitars
ConcorX6 years ago
I have the same guitar as you i bought the big pack too but i was already playing acoustic.
muffinhead (author)  ConcorX6 years ago
yeah, i had an acoustic before i got my electric.
thats the way to go
muffinhead (author) 6 years ago
wow. i wish my sister was nice like that. i had to buy mine myself. -___- it was worth it though. :D
I have that same guitar, but in red. I bought it off my sister for $50.00. It was originally $273.00. My sister is really nice to me.
muffinhead (author) 6 years ago
also, an alternative to duct tape would be poster board or some other thick paper. I don't know how you would attach it without leaving some stubborn residue so maybe someone else can answer that.
muffinhead (author) 6 years ago
is dollar store tape bad? o__o and sorry about that, i didn't test it with my other guitars.
DjProToJeeX6 years ago
nice i think thats a pretty sweet idea. A+ instructable