Step 1: Start

Picture of Start
Roll out and cut about 4 inches of duct tape.

Step 2: Cut In Half

Picture of Cut In Half
Cut the four inch piece into two pieces long ways.

Step 3: Begin assembly

Picture of Begin assembly
Take one of the strips and wrap a straight ring around one guitar pick. Don't make it to tight though, so you have room for more picks.

Step 4: Indent.

Picture of Indent.
Indent the two sides where the pick starts to narrow.

Step 5: Start covering

Picture of Start covering
Cut off a small piece of the next strip and cover the bottom with it (Sticky side out)

Step 6: Keep going.

Picture of Keep going.
Cut another small piece off and cover the bottom (sticky side in).

Step 7: Almost done.

Picture of Almost done.
Cover up the rest of the case and cut off any excess hanging off the top.

Step 8: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut a notch in the front for access to the picks.

Step 9: Last step

Picture of Last step
Cut a small strip and wrap in a circle (sticky side out). stick this on the back of the case and onto your guitar.