Tired of the stickers falling off of your Rubik's cube? Here is a simple and cheap solution to making your cube last longer and look cooler!

Step 1: What You'll Need.

Scissors, a ruler, a pen, 6 different colored foam pads (the thinner the better), and brush on Krazy glue (I got the kind made for plastic and leather... etc).
<p>Somehow, despite the fact that you &quot;eyeballed&quot; it, It actually looks better than you would expect when you eyeball it. Good job. Might have to try this.</p>
Bud ump bum bum bum im lovin it
Normally I don't say something this (I actually despise most people who say something like this, considering this is Instructables) but it's a dollar for a high quality sticker set from Cube Smith and $5 for high quality tiles. Then again, it looks like you are using a Rubik's brand, so you probably don't care.
Nice post! Learn some <a href="http://www.rubiksplace.com/rubiks-cube-tips.html">Rubik's Cube tips</a>, so you solve faster..
Thats really cool! My rubiks cube's been lying around for quire a while and all its stickers have fallen off... TIME TO MOD IT! (and learn how to solve it again :D)
Very good idea!
This is amazing!Gonna give it a try!
cool but could u jus get cubesmith tiles?
Cool! this is an what i searched ,thanks! * I just hate some kind of stickers ,they're can be easily &quot;peeled off&quot;, so now I use a 3x3 cube that painted on its side..* By the way is it a Superglue?( or the Krazyglue is the brand?.or it's better to use some kind of glue that quite strong , but can be &quot;peeled&quot;? * coz, man , I won't have that PERMANENT kind.it'll looks dirty...sometimes you should change it ,right? -j-
There's one problem, if the foam is thicker than 1.5mm it does not comply with WCA regulations and therefore is not acceptable for official competitions.
So..? Go buy a $10 cube for competition.
you can also buy pre-cut tiles from Cube4You.com you can simply stick on<br /> <br />
Really cool. This is awesome. I just got a new cube and my old one's stickers were coming off. I'll try this one!<br />
&nbsp;What an awesome ible!!!
That looks really neat...you could pull it off, but in such a situation, the cube would be enduring reckless abuse.<br />
Looks good! Do you think it works for a 4x4?
No reason to say why not :-)
nice dude,really nice,i love it!
Looks awesome. Does it feel awesome when you stroke it? Can you rub it up against your face? Is it soft like the fur of a kitten?
you know you could of bot tiles from cube smith would of worked a lot better and it would of been removable but rilly cool idea!
This is a great mod. I think that people <em>peeling</em> the stickers off is the real problem? (middle stickers and a screwdriver is better) Still the super-glue and foam is going to make <em>peeling</em> very difficult!<br/><br/>L<br/>
yea i realized that this is probably a permanent mod AFTER i had super glued all the pieces on... oh well, cubes are cheap.
Nice clear pics and explanation, and the cube looks great!

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