Introduction: Stickman Card

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This instructable is on how to make a great stick wars card. The good thing is that you get to do or make whatever you want!!!

Step 1: Getting the Bobs

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all you need is one or two pieces of card which you can get from a craft shop, glue, a pen, a ruler, some scissors and a lot of imagination. If you are making a lot of card then you should buy packs of card as it is much cheaper than buying separately.

Step 2: Fold the Card

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When you have the bobs you have to fold the card. to do this accurately you should find the middle of the card with a ruler and fold it(half way on A4 is 14.3cm).

Step 3: Write the Message

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Before you start drawing think of a funny message to put in the card. then write it out on a scrap piece of paper before writing on card. You should relate the drawings to the message for maximum laughs. LOL.

Step 4: Do the Drawing

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To do the drawing you should use a smooth black pen (I used the pilot G-2 07).BEWARE DO NOT USE A BIRO. You can also cut bits of card and stick them on the cover. On the front use a thick dark pen first and then add colour(I'm not American)to finish. Be careful not to smuge the pen.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

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finish it of with your name and a personal message and maybe a picture of the receiver in stick form.

Step 6: FINISHED!!!!

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now all you need to do is put your card in an envelope and hope the receiver loves your card.


shawdow7341 (author)2010-01-01

i made this its awesome

lollollol (author)2008-12-15

thanks this relay helped me I made lots of cards

has0tb (author)2008-12-13

hi. I made this instructable. i am sorry about the images, my camra is broken, please do not let this change your vote.

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