Step 2: Step 2:

Ok for this step all you need to do is just draw what places you want your stick man to travel too. I just chose random places.
I loved it, nice job!!!!
Wow, that's really cool! Great job!
That's well executed, it flows nicely even at a low frame-rate (how many fps?) - how long did it take you?<br> <br> L
thank you and it took me about 3 hours to draw up the hole idea then on a different day it took about 4 hours to make not including the breaks that I took.
Thanks, what is your frame-rate?<br> I'm asking because the whole process seems easier than I'd thought, such as I might have a go at it.<br> <br> L
well the duration is 0.20 thats how fast you see each picture for and theres 306 pictures in total
It's 5 frames per second then, thanks.<br> <br> L
your welcome <br>
The transitions from frame to frame are genious! Can't wait for episode 2.
haha your funny
I can't even imagine how much time it takes to create such creative game for children.
Your video had the editorial team at Instructables HQ in SF give it a standing ovation! Nice work! We love Stickman - what a life he's led.
Thank you so much. that really means a lot :)

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