Are you interested in weaving but don't have access to a loom?
This instructable will teach you how to create your own DIY loom made out of sticks and strings. All you need to get started is a couple of sticks, yarn, scissors, and cardboard. The Sticks and Strings Loom is a simple, fun, and inexpensive way for beginners to warp, weft, and weave!

Please refer to ChrysN's weaving glossary for help with weaving terminologies. 

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

+ Sticks: 2 sticks that are sturdy, straight (as possible), and not too rough; ~ 6-8 inches long. Other similar materiasl will work as well.
+ Strings: Strings, yarns, or threads that have strong and smooth qualities. I recommend using two colors for the warp, dark and light. You may use more colors for the weft (the string that is woven into the warp), if desired. 
+ Cardboard / Cardstock: ~ 5x7 inches. 
+ Scissors: For cutting strings and cardboard.

* Optional
+ Shuttle: To weave weft string across the loom.
No worries if you do not have a shuttle, a cardboard shuttle works great as well.
+Measuring Tape ​/ Stick: Not necessary but can be a useful tool. 

That looks like fun to try :D

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