This is a simple instructable. Using a stick of your desired length and sticky tape (the stickier the better but any will do). You can make a sticky stick retriever this is useful when you drop something down a tight gap that you can’t reach. Normally you might use a magnetic retriever or mechanical grip but these are only good on ferrous metals items or small items. For the sticky stick retriever you basically wrap the end of a stick with some sticky tape (sticky side facing out) and your done. Now you can go retrieve your items. Not much to show but I’ve added a few pictures.

I’ve used the trick many times from a little tape on the end of a pen to retrieve a nut that got stuck in between two panels, to a 10ft poll to retrieve my mobile phone that I dropped down a service ditch at work.  Please add a comment if you have found this useful. And let me know what and how you retrieved your items.

Step 1:

I have these in my tool box at work but they have some down falls
Mechanical grip good for small items but will have difficulty with larger items.
Magnetic retriever only works on ferrous metals
Oh Yeah! tape on the end of a long rod or ruler has saved me many times. <br>
i came up with a similar device the other day! i dropped a nylon set screw into a machine, and had to get crafty with a dowel and painters tape to retrieve it.

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