Introduction: Sticky Tape & Aluminium Foil Objets D'Art

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What inexpensive decorations can you make to quickly transform aluminium foil and sticky tape? Hope this video gets you going with a few of my favourite ideas. Might be useful for designing costume jewelry or props for performances.

Christo and his wife Jeanne Claude wrapped coastlines, I enjoy wrapping found objects to craft decorations.

Watch the 50 sec  video clip  for a quick rundown.


Step 1: Found Objects

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You will need:
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Aluminium foil
  • Sharp knife / blade
  • Interesting objects to cover (other materials I used included cardboard, tissue paper and plastic)


Search around your environment  for interesting items to wrap with foil.  

Several tiny eucalyptus leaves lying on
the grass made perfect items for a
sparkling decoration (please see next step 3).

Step 2: Attaching the Foil to Found Objects

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Cover the foil first with the double-sided sticky tape.

Now carefully burnish onto both sides of your found object.  Use a toothbrush to press the sticky-tape foil into any grooves.

Trim close to edge with sharp cutting blade for a neat finish.

You may wish to use a scourer for a scratched look rather than a polished one.

Step 3: Transformed Objects

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Now that the found objects are covered, you can decide how to arrange them as desired.

You could use hot glue, wool, string, wire, plastic or a variety of found objects for display.

I was inspired by origami crafts and decided on using tissue paper covered with metal sticky tapes folded in a butterfly pattern.


sugarsnout (author)2011-11-24

Really cool...all kinds of possibilities here!! Thanks

Gomi Romi (author)sugarsnout2011-11-24


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