Introduction: Still Drinking Cola? Watch This

Drinking Cola Every day is not good for health. up to you believe me or not.Drink it, but not every day.


Yonatan24 (author)2015-09-25

After one year, the liquids would have evaporated...Fake...

kathann_bean (author)2015-09-14

Vinegar does the same thing. If you put a raw egg in vinegar for about 3 or 4 days you can make a "rubber" egg it bounces and you can play with it but when it breaks its still liquid inside. Cool experiment for the little ones though.

HuntingP (author)2015-01-01

who soaks their teeth for a year in cola?

alcurb (author)2014-05-06

Problem with coca cola and other acidic beverages that over the years they contribute to enamel loss of your teeth and the sugar, if any, have other health ramifications. To avoid wearing the enamel, swish some water in your mouth after drinking the coke so that the substance doesn't sit there between your teeth. Then as the old slogan goes "enjoy coca cola".

I personally avoid the sugary drinks because all that sugar at my age is not a good idea, read Diabetes. But I can't stand the artificially sweetened stuff. My solution, drink soda water that I made myself. Sometimes I put real fruit juice in it to give it a pleasant flavor.

lucek (author)2013-10-29

Do the same with lemons. Does that mean we should avoid citrus?

HisDivineShadow (author)2010-12-04


Are teeth to not bath for an entire year in cola! We humans brush our teeth!
(we are supposed to anyway) and furthermore! I think that if we drink cola and then later in the day have water it would be washed away!....

Sorry for the rage but you have to admit the expiriment is rather poorly done....

A better expiriment would be is to get a human oooth or synthetic tooth with properties comprable to real teeth and soak them in colay for 3 huors a day at tops, and other food bases acids and bases. then in mornings and evenings dip the tooth in slightly diluted tooh paste... have many control groups is implied....

seriously, this video makes no sense. I agree with you

is it weird im suddenly getting the craving for a hardboiled egg and cocacola?

Jordan Dyck (author)shadow47422012-02-27

you couldn't be able to recreate this with a synthetic tooth because it doesn't break down a tooth from any other animal would work.

I know right!... mmmmm egg whites....

rathemighty (author)2011-03-21

There's one reason I am completely unimpressed: it took a freakin' year. You sit in water, your skin gets damaged faster.

LingCullen (author)rathemighty2011-11-21

the wrinkling in your fingers skin when you sit in water is actually an evolutionary trait that helps wet skin grip wet surfaces better.

totally off topic, and random, but i think its awesome!

craig3 (author)2010-11-01

you can do the same thing with vinegar in about 3 days

ib42 (author)craig32011-08-18

That's how you can get an egg inside a bottle with a narrow neck. People wonder how it got in there.
And after a while it becomes hard again, I believe, so it looks like you put a hard shelled egg into the bottle.
Learned this when I was a kid..about 50 years ago!

atombomb1945 (author)craig32010-11-01

Did the same thing in Elementary School with vinegar. Try a chicken or turkey leg bone, you can tie it in a knot.

Still, good point about the soda, what you are putting into your body. The thing is, unlike these experiments, the human body is a wonderful purification system. As long as there is enough water to flush the system out, then this won't sit for long enough to do any damage.

tokymaru (author)atombomb19452011-01-13

vinegar will just absorb the calcium out of the shell, the cola actually disolves the shell. its still nothing to fear though.

Zachintosh (author)2011-07-04

alright, so if an egg is sitting out for a year, won't it go bad anyways people are stupid.

Damnation (author)2011-04-07

Apparently I have ungodly strong teeth then. For almost 10 years I hardly ever brushed my teeth, and drank coke almost daily (towards the end I was carrying around a 2 liter bottle and would drain that before touching any water) and the ONLY damage to my teeth? two tiny cavities you could hardly put a needle in and a lot of plaque. 2 trips to the dentist for cleaning and a couple fillings, good as new.

mrustebakke (author)2011-03-27

It is kind of disturbing, but I'm sure if someone sat in a vat of cola for a year they would look far worse than the egg. Nothing sugary and full of fake flavorings and unnatural preservatives is healthy, it doesn't take a science experiment to prove this.

grendel1097 (author)2011-03-20

three cheers for pseudoscience. (headpalm)

There's plenty of good reasons that one shouldn't try to live off of soda drinks for a year. This video, perhaps well-intentioned, is hardly evidence for that stand.

RedMeanie (author)2010-11-01

Considering your stomach acids are FAR more acidic than ANY form of soda, I think we will be OK.

Its one of those things they would use to scare kids into limiting soda drinking. However the reality is like most other scare tactics, far less dramatic!
I have been drinking probably 8 Coca Colas a day for the last 15 years and have had 0 adverse reactions. They also DO NOT Cause Kidney Stones.

But hey whatever works for parents to scare their kids! I'm not a fan of scare tactics, but since our whole society is based off of scare and control, I guess many people do believe in them.

solarmew (author)RedMeanie2010-11-03

yeah, except that you don't have stomach acid in your mouth XD ... it's in your stomach ;]
which if you were bulimic and threw up every time you eat something, you'd find yourself loosing teeth in no time.

... all people are different, just cuz you can drink coke and i can' probably eat a pound of bacon every day for the rest of my life and we'll both be just fine doesn't mean other ppl are so lucky XD ... nor is it something to brag about ...

nothing to do with scare tactics, simply the facts, take em or leave em :]

tokymaru (author)solarmew2011-01-13

bulimics lose their teeth from mal nutrition, not because of the stomach acid.

Gyver (author)2010-11-23

This video has convinvced me, no more cola. From now on it's Four Loko's only.

golfer12345 (author)Gyver2010-12-12

hahahahaha that just made my day

tokymaru (author)golfer123452011-01-13

banned in texas.... its a sad day

snazzyjazzy (author)2011-01-06

That cola bottle is awesome. But I agree with the comments. While the acid in cola is dangerous, I don't bath my teeth in cola for a year straight. I'm sticking with my cola, cheers.

djanck (author)2011-01-06

So that's why all my teeths are gone?! Damn Coca-Cola!

PizzaPlanet (author)2010-12-28

WOW too bad you soak an egg in OJ it does the same thing... its just acids, are you going to tell me drinking orange juice is bad for me just because it has citric acids? oh well pepsi is better LOL

rhidalgo27 (author)2010-12-16

Que muestra tan triste para hacewrle mala publicidad a un producto.
Primero nadie mantiene un huevo y cocacola en el estomago por un año...o usted si?
Segundo, quien come cocacola con huevo?? usted?'
y ultimo, este medio es para el desarrollo de ideas, no un medio para desahogar frustraciones.


jofro12 (author)2010-12-14

I'm not a boiled egg...

RedFlash (author)2010-12-13

The music fails, but it gets it's message across

P.S. Note to the guy who made that video: DON'T SPEAK IN TEXT LANGUAGE

Hexpigge (author)2010-12-12

Actually yes, you can get damage by drinking it every day and lalala, but let's be serious, it's nothing to be aware of, you have to keep your fluids normal, so you just grab to drink something, and when you eat and drink, it won't do a lot of damage...

When I die I wanna be coca-cola-ized xDDDDD

rayvance (author)2010-11-14


Zloty (author)2010-11-07

You waste a bunch of time...(and bootle of Cola )

amar55in (author)2010-11-06

Ohhh !!! I wont drink any more Colas !!!

sfred (author)2010-11-05

i've never seen a coke bottle like that before

nnygamer (author)2010-11-01

It's the citric acid that's in most sodas that does the damage.

craig3 (author)2010-11-01

Considering it took a year to dissolve, the tiny thin egg shell, I'm not to worried about my teeth, i dont hold mouthfulls of coke for month and month

crapflinger (author)2010-11-01

"hey watch this video where i dissolve basically the easiest thing in the world to dissolve, an egg shell! heck even if you leave it in tap water long enough that shells gonna dissolve!"

greeenpro (author)2010-11-01


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