Still Smoking? Watch This ( HQ Short Edition)





Introduction: Still Smoking? Watch This ( HQ Short Edition)

This video shows how Tar is being extracted by machine using 400 high tar cigarettes.



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    Two packs a day is a moderate smoker? In the US a pack of cigs can be $10, so a "moderate smoker" is spending $600/month on cigarettes?


    Please think before you post.

    10 days for a moderate smoker? What planet are you from? 40 a DAY? Thats two packs a day, a heavy smoker. If your a moderate smoker, half a pack a day at most. More like 40 days for a moderate smoker, why do people always insist on being extremley misleading when it comes to smoking? It's a good message, but your flat out lying about it to scare people.

    I'm insane for suggesting your lying. Thank god you had that rational argument to come back with, i was afraid you'd just deny it... Pathetic.

    a moderate smoker! moderate means average. I would not say the average smoker smokes 40 a day thats a chain smoker, the average smoker would probably smoke about 20 a day max in my opinion

    Doesn't matter how you complain about the test being done, people who smoke, smoke much longer than 10 days (400 cigs = 10 days for moderate smoker). Even if to match these results it took a month, every smoker would still be in this kind of danger. It is disgusting but i believe very accurate in terms of a continuous smoker (even with 4mg cigarettes). Great....but a very disturbing video!

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    Two packs a day is a moderate smoker? In the US a pack of cigs can be $10, so a "moderate smoker" is spending $600/month on cigarettes?

    Please think before you post.

    do you have any idea how toxic what you were boiling on your stove is? i smoke a pack a day and i wouldn't even consider boiling that inside a building.
    that is an impressive list of the things you trapped in that water, and then burned.

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    Im not going to try and say smoking is not detrimental to your health, but this is an invalid experiment.

    1. As people have already mentioned, its flawed in that most of that would not have stayed in the persons body and as such the resulting tar from an experiment which accounted for that would be much less.

    2. You used extremley high tar cigarettes, I suspect the highest you could find in your area. 18mg? Seriously? I have never met someone who smokes 18mg cigarettes, generally the highest is 16. I smoke 4mg cigarettes, sometimes 8mg. I would say these are most common, they go lower as well.

    Your trying to send a good message here but your experiment is very misleading and again, i suspect you are aware of this.

    moderate smoker is more like 10 sticks a day max.