Step 8: Conclusions and final thoughts

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Once booted the unit automatically connects to the wireless internet and starts a slide show of all the pictures it can recursively find in a predefined folder. Then controlling the unit is as simple as connecting to it through a ssh connection and running the appropriate scripts.

Since I wasn't too keen on showing off my own photos I wrote a script(hack) that would check every hour and download all the "featured photos" from Picasa Web

Thanks for reading, this is my first Instructable project and I hope you liked it. If you have any questions please post them in the comments and I will try to answer them.

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Excellent Project! You wouldn't want to share your script that pulls featured pictures would you? I'm still working on getting my drivers to work with ndiswrapper. Once that is complete i would love to pull images from the web!
For everyone looking for a script to access picasa, i have an alternative suggestion.  Look into a product called dropbox. Install it on your picture frame OS and any other computer in the world.  Binaries are available for free download.  Drag and drop the pictures you wish to use into dropbox (which is essentially just a shared folder being hosted in the interwebs) on your PC.  Then direct  your slide show viewer on your picture frame to use that folder as its source.  I just tried it and it was pretty simple and turned out quite well.  Not only that but it is completely live.  As soon as I dropped a new picture into Dropbox, it would appear on my picture frame(!)  Also, instead of DSL i used Puppy linux and booted from a 512mb usb flash drive.
Lakitu5 years ago
 Great job. Nice to see some linux love and great use of wireless. Can I ask why you left the CD-ROM attached?
mikedahlgren (author)  Lakitu5 years ago
 Thanks for the comment.  However I am a little confused by it.  There is no cdrom attached.  However I did keep it in case I ever needed it. 
 OK, sorry, I misunderstood because in the picture for step 5 it says you hooked up the CD-ROM, but of course there isn't one in the picture. My bad. Thanks for clearing that up.
Great instructable! I gave you a 5 lots of work and thought put into this!
good and Excellent Project.... i love that
bigk30006 years ago
well constructing the frame is the easy part. It would be nice if you went into more detail of the linux portion, you didnt really say anything.
jmalone686 years ago
Love the frame. I'm part way doing one for myself, using DSL and have hit the wall when it comes to downloading photos from the WWW. Would REALLY love to get my hands on your Picasa script/hack.
micahdear6 years ago
Excellent job.. 5 starts!