Still Valid Tickets - a Real Life P2p Network





Introduction: Still Valid Tickets - a Real Life P2p Network

An art concept to recapture public spaces, restricted by admission prices. What about building a bracket system, where we can share our bought tickets for the underground, museums or parking spaces. So we all would have to pay less. This extends our possibilities in public space. The idea is simple: after using your ticket, stick it to a bracket instead of throwing it to the refuse bin. If you have to buy a ticket, instead, take the ticket, archived by someone else.

Step 1: Brackets Are the "servers"

These selfmade brackets could be attached to every ticket selling automat. They hold someone's used ticket, which is still valid. Take it!

Step 2: Examples Where to Attach

Here are some examples, where this network could be used to share tickets.

Step 3: Building Instructions Overview

Here's where to order the stuff to produce the brackets. Total cost is about 0.65 Euro per piece.

The brackets are the servers of this person-to-person (P2P) network. Everyone could build them easily in large amounts and distribute them to the automates. You need brackets, labels, templates to print and some double sided tape. Read, where we ordered, download our template and see how to assemble them.

Step 4: Order the Brackets

Brackets are avaible at:

Premium Werbemittel (you must be self-employed, 0.52 Euro/piece, prod.ID 7044)

OR: Werbemittel Ellmenreich (0.54 Euro/piece +13 Euro basic costs, send them an e-mail and attach picture of the black and yellow brackets below)

OR: Berliner Werbemittel (0,56 Euro/piece +17 Euro basic costs, send them an e-mail and attach picture of the black and yellow brackets below)

These are only german shops :-(
So, if you know where to order the same stuff in other countries, please collaborate.

Step 5: Order the Labels

Next we ordered these labels for laser printers at Endisch Etiketten (size 82 x 32 mm, 18 Euro/800 labels, search for the product ID 64082328).

Step 6: Download the Label Template (pdf)

Print them to the labels at your local copy shop. They are avaible in different languages.

Step 7: Mount the Brackets

First attach some double sided tape and then the labels.

Step 8: Attach Them to the Automates

...And stick an old ticket to them(e.g. from the garbage).

This will make people belief that the system works.



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    That's a nice idea :)

    nice idea but it might start to make problems.

    this needs a website that would post information on where the tickets are located, kind of like geocaching, but you would need to hide the tickets in places where people wouldn't find them unless looking for them.

    Most tickets I've purchased for a metro-type ride are either surrendered or canceled. Those that haven't been, such as my weekly or monthly passes for Atlanta's MARTA (pre-Breeze) were specifically marked "NON-TRANSFERABLE". While it's a great idea, and does save money, the "authorities" would certainly take a dim view of it, and would remove any clips that they came across.

    I agree with you, I think the police would notice the clips and notice that the same tickets were coming up more than once on the system.

    Last time I was in London there were 'characters' asking for tickets at tube stations. I presume they would then re-sell these. Same principle, but someone is making a measure of a living out of the system. This is what will happen. You could just offer your ticket to incoming passengers on your way out (as often happens in some UK car-parks)

    That would be nice if that existed on the transit system here in Vancouver. Too bad the transit cops here have enough power that transferring tickets can constitute fines (up to $176 per incidence), or if one were to start something like this up there, arrest. Cool idea anyway.

    Same in Victoria Australia... Connex...

    Is it just me or is this system somewhat flawed? I get the concept, but the design shows one major weakness.. The little clip things ("brackets") that are mentioned are supposedly put on the machine where you buy the tickets. Thats great if you wanna pick one up, but when you're chucking your old ticket out, you're in the wrong place! See what i mean? Also, i forsee a problem in that every time the macines are emptied of change (which is quite frequently) they would probably just pull these brackets off.. Nice idea, i just dont really think it will work in practice..

    OK. That's right. Let's think about attaching the brakets to the exit, where people walk by, while they the leave the stations. I see, that I will be the greater problem to motivate people in attaching their tickets to the bracket, than to motivate people to save money by using the still valid ones. Though, I think ,the automates are a perfect place for people to get introduced to the bracket system, because I wonder, if one would see the brackets if they were attached anywhere (e.g. between graffiti). People woundn't notice, I'm afraight of. Thanks.