Brown marmorated stink bugs invade buildings from September through June and hide in drawers, curtains, shoes, on windows and lights, emitting a terrible odor if crushed. Flushing them wastes water, pesticides don't work, vacuuming just stinks up the house, and if you put them outside they find their way back in. So what to do with stink bugs?  Make a death trap!

Step 1: Materials

an empty paper drink cup with lid * some tape (any kind will work) * a razor blade or sharp knife * water * piece of kleenex (paper towel, or toilet tissue - whatever is handy)
<p>I pick them up carefully with tissue and drop them in a mason jar. I quickly put the jar in the microwave and zap for 10 seconds. Just till they stop wiggling. Instant death. Then I usually just throw them in trash. We empty trash at least once a day so I never have had any problem with stinking.</p>
The best part is it gives you an excuse to go to Wawa!!!
I used to work in an office infested with them, and this solution is similar to what we did except we added a bit of dish soap to the water so they couldn't climb out and would down. we didn't have a nice lid like that though!
it can sounds bad, but when it happens herer we usually just flush it down the toilet....
Good Idea, but VERY labor intensive. I wonder how you could automate the bug-to-cup process... maybe with a pheromone?
As you probably know there isn't anything yet to attract them without attracting all of their brethren from miles away. However, purple martins are known to eat them by the hundreds, and you can house a dozen purple martin families in one birdhouse. They're a pain to construct (and expensive to buy) but I'm going to get one for next year. Maybe 2!
Thanks , I never thought about using tissues to capture the suckers and was just using a plastic bottle . This is much better . I was hoping you had something that attracted them to go in the cup . Thanks
Nice instructable--though I&nbsp;have found that using rubbing alcohol instead of water does a better and quicker job at putting the little suckers &quot;out of their misery&quot;.&nbsp; <br />
Thank you and you're right,&nbsp;alcohol does kill them faster.&nbsp;I found the drawback to be that it eventually evaporates so bugs at the top remain alive.&nbsp; As you add tissues&nbsp;to&nbsp;water the liquid&nbsp;is&nbsp;continually drawn up the cup and the bugs drown because they're trapped in&nbsp;tissue. Doesn't require a lot of water, just enough to keep tissues wet and prevent the bugs from getting oxygen.

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