Introduction: Stinky Sticky April Fools Prank

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Hey Folks,

Here is a very cheap and easy April Fools prank guaranteed to drive your victim crazy.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

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A Toilet
Stink Bombs (the ones in a glass vials) cost about £1 for 3 vials
Some Blu-Tack or gum
Some form of sticky liquid (Corn syrup, hair gel,hairspray, cooking oil works as well)
No toilet paper
That's it

Step 2: Strategically Placing the Vile(s)

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Place a strip of Blu-Tack down the side of one of the vials and place it gently under one of the bumpers under the toilet seat. I find two vials near the front works best.

Carefully lower the seat.

Step 3: Cover the Seat

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Pour/spray your sticky liquid over the seat and allow the excess to drip into the toilet.

If your seat is white, use a clear liquid. If your seat is almost any other color, syrup or oil will work fine.

After a could minutes, the seat will look as if it has just been cleaned (nice and shiny)

Step 4: Wait for Your Victim....

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Once your victim sits on the seat, the vials will break and fill the room with a horrible stench.

They will then spend the next ten minutes trying to wipe off what ever substance you used on the seat, forcing them to endure the horrible smell.

You could be extra mean, and make sure all the toilet paper is missing.

I hope you have enjoyed this instructable, and please use wisely, payback can be harsh.



Concorn (author)2013-06-03

Thank you Satan

$COOLE$ (author)2013-04-11

This is the most evilest thing I've ever seen

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