Stinky April Fools!





Introduction: Stinky April Fools!

in this instructable i will show you how to make an april fools prank that cost little money and is quite easy to do! Vote for me!

Step 1: Step One... the Materials

Get some trapline lure. it may be hard to find some anymore, but on E-bay i'll bet some people have it. it only costs around $7 (or whatever you call it in those eroupean countries). be careful what kind though, 'cuz some are permanent! :~D Also get some masking tape and write a big "April Fools!" on the side.

Step 2: Put the Lime on the Coconut,

put the masking tape on the lure bottle.

Step 3: And You Shake It All Up!

unscrew the lid and put next to or under someones pillow. MWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!



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    European money are call euros


    FYI - Beaver castor gland will leave a permanent stench on anything that soaks it up. I have gloves used over 7 years ago for trapping (nylon outers and wool inners) that still smell. They flat-out stink when wet.

    These scents are supposed to endure and they will... way longer in your clothes, carpets, and furniture than out in the wild.

    User beware, this -ible is more malicious than prank!

    EEEEWWW beaver gland omg thats f*cking nasty

    Stinkbait should work just fine, too. Catfish bait, can probably find at walmart pretty cheap. :) 

    Unless that's what you mean in your ible.

    Wouldn't the smell permeate throughout the room? I was thinking just hand the little jar to someone and say, "Hey, smell this!" Most guys wouldn't be able to resist doing so.

    That's very true. Guys love smelling stuff.

    Lol I wanna say "thats what she said" but im not going to