Before I start here is the Wiki page to explain what a Stirling Engine is:

Step 1: Auxiliary Cylinder

I made my main cylinder by soldering a piece of metal to the bottom of a pipe.
The metal came from a old metal lid. Before use just scrape off all the plastic so as to not create toxic fumes when heated.
Awesome, i have been studying Stirling Engines for a week, cause i was thinking of trying to make one, and i just couldn't figure out how the Temperature exchange was working, I read the Wiki, and alot of other material, but when i examined your tutorial as crude as it may look, it just ignited the light bulb in my brain. I finally understand thanks to your instructable. Knowledge is only useful if you know how to use it, and thanks to you i now understand why it works, and how i can use it. Thank You! :)
Excellent work!

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