I have been wanting to do a stitched border card and Valentine's seemed like a good reason to make one.  Just whipped it up today so it doesn't take too long to put all together.

Step 1: What You Need

Need a couple things to get started.

  • 4 colors of embroidery floss
  • Cross Stitch Needle
  • 4 by 5.5 inch slip of paper
  • 4 by 5.5 inch greeting card
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Tape or glue
  • Marker if you want to draw on it
<p>Cute little card</p>
<p>Thanks :)</p>
Oh I like this!
Great idea - simple but final looks are great. I am such a computer geek, however. I do not use pencils, nor rulers, but only computers. Sad in a way - but you gave me additional ideas. <br> <br>Do you mind if I &quot;join up&quot; with your tutorial and make a tutorial on how you could add graphics to the card for an Easter or Mother's Day card using Pixlr? I haven't made a tutorial in a while (creatively in hibernation for the moment). My tutorial will show the images part and then jump to you for the &quot;manual labor.&quot; LOL. Love your idea!!! <br> <br>Great for the grand-babies to try for Mommy's Day.
I love to see stitching on cards! So personal and fun!
Cool. You're so creative!

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