Step 9: Dissolve the Solvy

Picture of Dissolve the Solvy
When you have the entire thing sewn, it is time to dissolve the Solvy.

Fill a large sink or bathtub with luke warm water (too hot might cause your colors to run, too cold and the Solvy won’t dissolve as fast).

Place the scarf into the water, one section at a time, slightly agitating it with your hands. Continue to do this until all the Solvy is dissolved; this will take only several minutes.
pct4ever2 years ago
Where do I buy 'Solvy'? the scarf is beautiful.
clschmidt14 (author)  pct4ever2 years ago
Thanks! I got it at Joann Fabric Store and I think they might also sell it at Walmart. Otherwise there is always Amazon.com!