Picture of Stitched Zombie Body
I volunteer at a local Haunted House and get some unusual request for props that need to be made. I was asked to make a stitched together body for one of our rooms. We have a lot of items that are donated and thrift store finds that we piece together to make most of our props so it keeps costs down. The cost of this build was fairly low. My biggest expense was the cost of leather used, but was on sale at Tandy leather for $30. I only made the upper body and 2 small arm  pieces on this build. I don't have a whole lot of picture of this build so bear with me. I'll try to add them as I find them.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Like I said we had a lot of donations so the cost was relatively low. Here are the supplies needed for this build: Manaquine body parts, glue gun, glue sticks, acrylic paints, paint brushes, air brush, compressor, heavy duty scissors, wig, leather pieces.

Step 2: Cut and Glue on Leather pieces

Picture of Cut and Glue on Leather pieces
Cut up the leather into various size pieces and using the glue gun, attach them to the mannequin pieces. Put the glue on the outer edges to prevent it from coming detached. cut the pieces to fit you body parts like a puzzle. Leave about a 1/8 inch gap between the pieces when gluing them down.

Step 3:

Picture of
Next add long lines of hot glue overlapping the leather pieces. These will become your stitches once they cool down. Place them at varying spacing on each piece. After they are dry. mix up a deep red to maroon paint to go along each of edges of the seams of the leather pieces this will give it a reddish look. Then go over with a medium grey to give it some depth and make it more realistic. You can even use a small texture sponge if you do not have an airbrush.
how much le
pikachu4592 (author)  nickolaiisoe1 year ago
I used about about the equivalent of a little less than half of a pig hide from the leather store