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Introduction: Stitched Up Lips - Sfxmakeup

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Step 1: Step One

Mark your spots with a black cream makeup then add an adhesive, let it get tacky before applying string.

Step 2: Add String.

Just.. you know.. add the sting. haha.

Step 3: Add Some Red

Put some deep red on the ends of the strings to make them look like holes.. then pull some of that red up and out to give the look of irritation.

Step 4: Details

add some red on the inside of your lip, then take some blue and put it on the inside of the string and a little on your lip, then get some blood and have some fun!

Step 5: DONE!




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    MsMaoMaoz.. only use makeup pen, do not use needle/soldering tool alright!! I trust with u, your makeup skills AMAZIIIIIINNNNGGGGG...!!!! salute..

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    I have been struck by the depth and breadth of your creativity across so many instructables. The looks are visually very powerful. Have you thought about developing looks that make a political statement ? My reaction to the stitched lips was this is the look of the voiceless victims of domestic violence, political repression,child abuse etc. Have you been able to monetize your work by developing makeup looks for photoshoots? Tshirts etc? I believe you aspire to theatrical sfx makeup. Im wondering if the other suggestions might be a viable means to that end. Cheers.

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    I have thought about many things along the lines of political statements. I just never was sure where to start. I'm sure some day soon I'll come up with something.

    SOO awesome! Did not know what my next costume was going to be. Now I am stuck with this or 2 of the other alternatives you posted!

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    I'm glad you like them! =D

    So many jokes one could offer about a woman having her mouth all stitched up... Hahaaa. But seriously, it is so interesting to see the transformation of your beautiful face into something that is scary, sci-fi or horrifying!

    Don't listen to the negative comments... Your dreams are yours to make real. No matter what they may be... And you are right... A great part of Hollywood was built on talent like yours. Follow your dream, be creative... and someday you'll be bigger than you imagined!

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    that was seriously very nice of you. =)

    thank you very much!

    well done.

    on ModelMayhem i came across a shoot with a model who fo the shoot actually hadher lips stitched for real. That's carrying it a bit far for my taste, but your version looks great for Halloween or any spooky occasion :-)

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    wow really? Now that's scary,

    That looks incredible! I was wondering by looking at the main picture, how you made the string look so realistic. Until I saw that it was real string! It looks excellent. I would imagine it makes talking difficult though.

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    haha that it does. thank you!