Among this Summer's stock of popsicles and ice cream bars were some chocolate bars with curvy sticks. They looked like great material to make something with, so i saved them. Along comes Halloween, and all of a sudden the sticks are starting to look a lot like bones, so that inspired me to try making a skeleton out of them. It was just going to be a decoration at first, but then i thought it would be more fun to try and make a puppet.

Step 1: Materials

You can make this as simple or elaborate as you like, so what you end up using after the basic skeleton is put together is totally optional. This is a list of the things I used-

Popsicle & chocolate bar sticks
Skinny and heavier skewer sticks
Brads- I also thought of using button pairs & wire, but wanted a consistent overall look on the joints and went with the brads
White paint- I just used acrylic paint & brush, but if you have any white spray paint around, it will save you LOTS of time
Additional decoration- I used water colors and colored pencils to define the bones and skull
Drill & 1/16"bit and a larger size bit that looks about 1/5" thick
Something to cut sticks with- I used tin snips & wire snips
Round nose pliers
Not shown-Scissors, Exacto, Craft Thread, For Hat- black felt, ribbon, rose
Awesome, great job on the hands and feet.
thanks ChrysN- the hands & feet were tough!
Awesome! I love puppets!
thank you Penolopy-

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