Stock for Bunduk's Semi-auto Rbg Pistol





Introduction: Stock for Bunduk's Semi-auto Rbg Pistol

This is a stock to bunduk's semi-auto rbg pistol. It OK if you are steady but a bit wobbly if you are shaky,

Adds comfort
can steady your aim
doesn't use many pieces
looks pretty cool!

Kinda wobbly if you are unsteady
A very simple 3-layer design

This is my very first instructable so please don't judge to harshly, if you have any mean comments, then please refrain from posting it.

Step 1: The Upper-front of the Stock

Pretty simple, if you have a problem just tell me in the comments.

Step 2: The Butt

very simple.

Step 3: Lower-front


Step 4: Connection

easy... just follow pics.

Step 5: HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Have fun with my stock! tell me about any questions or suggestions.



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    Since I don't have a nuf gray 1 slot connecters I changed the ones in the butt to tan clips and it seems moor sturdy.

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    It's true semi-auto but it is Bunduk's gun not mine... I just made the stock. So if you want the stock for it, build bunduk's gun first and then come back to this page.

    Thanks! well if you think the barrel looks weird, it's because I added the modification that bunduk added to his gun. It's on the last step of his instructable that he tells you about it and how to build it.