Step 2: Threaded tube ends

Picture of Threaded tube ends
I jettisoned the stock Stolmen feet because they look cheap.  I kept the built-in threaded tube ends however.  So I only needed new tube ends for half the project.  Due to Ikea's lack of schematics, it was a challenge to determine the exact interior diameter of the pole with the tools I had on-hand.  I decided to use DrillSpot's selection of S&W TE1-1B Tube Ends at 1-1/2" diameter and 1/2"-13 thread size.  They are actually a hair too small but using double-folded paper rings as a washer kept them in place securely.  I wrapped the paper just below the exposed top and stuffed them in.
1-1/2" tube end:  $8.16 each
Berkana5 years ago
 This is the part of my Solmen set that failed when my shelves collapsed. Make sure this is entirely resting on the feet; the bolt and plastic cap should not be load bearing, because they will eventually fail and collapse into the tube.