This instructable will more or less show you an inexpensive way to make a unique mirror frame for an octagon mirror.  This is my first detailed instructable so it is not quite

What supplies I had laying around, and what you will need (what I used):

Octagon mirror (hobby lobby, $3 on sale)
particle board ($6 for a big rectangle of it)
1 x 4 board (I bought one 8 foot board) ($3)
Spray Paint (walmart, $4)
wood glue ($3)
brad nails ($? came with nail gun stash)
sandpaper ($3, but I had some laying around)
staples ($?, staple gun type, had them)
mighty putty (as seen on TV, $10, I've had some laying around for years)
keyhole mount/hook ($3)

Total estimated cost: $32-$50. 
I happened to only have to buy the mirror and the spray paint, I had everything else laying around from my LED wall lamp I made.

What tools you will need:
brad nail gun (mine was air powered with an air supply)
staple gun (hand power)
miter saw

Obviously if you don't have the tools the initial cost of the project skyrockets :)

Please be careful with the miter saw!  Use proper safety tools and follow all warnings you come across!  Don't cut off your fingers with the miter saw, it will ruin your day and your nickname (no one wants to be called "Stumpy" or an ironic "Fingers McGee" or something).

Step 1: Cut Out Back

Place your mirror on the board, and trace around it with a pencil.  Use a jigsaw to cut it out. 
Nice done, it looks great!
Thank you very much! I didn't expect to get an editor to feature, so I'm really thrilled about it.
Great photos, well documented and a cool mirror, it definitely deserves being featured.

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