Stone Key Fob




Introduction: Stone Key Fob

Your key needs a fob, and that rock on your dresser isn't doing anything but looking pretty. Make that stone look pretty and keep your keys in sight! It's as easy as drilling a hole and adding a metal ring, and yields a unique and cool key fob that looks great.

Step 1: Drill Your Hole

Using a diamond tipped hole saw or burr, on a rotary tool, drill a hole close to the edge of the rock. Make sure that the hole is big enough to accept the ring, and more importantly, accept the curve of the metal ring. I'd recommend for more advanced people, to drill at slightly different angles (not straight) to follow the curve of the ring, while keeping the hole smaller.

Follow this guide for drilling:

Step 2: Key Away

Add a ring and your key. Now, enjoy your new key fob! Unique and natural, this will prove handy and always feels great in your hand!



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