Stone Rune Set with Decorated Display/Storage Box

Picture of Stone Rune Set with Decorated Display/Storage Box
The object of this “Instructables” project is to make a set of stone runes, (stones carved or engraved with rune glyphs), and a wooden display/storage box decorated with ancient Norse and Celtic designs to store and display the runes.  While this project employs techniques to create a specific end result, you'll see that many, many variations in materials and techniques are possible.  I'll describe it in terms of what I did to produce it.  You can decide if that way works for you or if you can accomplish these steps in a better or more convenient way for your situation and the tools you have.  I will provide links for information on where to get the parts I used.  Above are some pictures of the finished product.

DISCLAIMER:  Throughout the following instructions I provide web links to where information and parts to make this project can be obtained.  Some of these parts and information need to be purchased.  I include these links only to provide the reader with a way to obtain the parts and information as I did.  These parts and information may be available at other websites or stores or mail order businesses.  I do not receive any benefit, financial or otherwise, from the purchase of any parts or information described in these instructions.
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SparkySolar5 months ago

Thank you for the nice instructable


bruce50001 year ago
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rmeslinger (author)  bruce50001 year ago
I use Aluminum Oxide, 220 grit size although I think 180 grit would work OK for the size of the engraving for the runes. Be careful, there may be some health issues with using sand.
Good Luck!
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rmeslinger (author)  bruce50001 year ago
If you are interested, there is a lot of information on the internet on decorative sand blasting, or sand carving as some call it. Search on these terms in Google or some other search engine and see what you can learn about it.
thank i check into a sand blaster & read up on them& oxide grits
poofrabbit1 year ago
This is lovely well done!
lindornea1 year ago
meismeems1 year ago
What a gorgeous piece!!! Thank you for sharing this Richard!