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i begin thinking on a design, in this case i like the gargoyle alot

i make a sketch from all view , you know front, side, back ,etc

then i look for a soap stone, which is a really soft stone

i prepare my own tools , i just sharp a screw driver and a wood mallet

Step 1:

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the second part consisted in try to carve all except my figure, taking off what wasnt the shape

you work in blocks, just tryng to follow the x, y and z angles

so i try to see my figure there, so i carve anything but my shape

Step 2:

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now the third part was to work inside my figure

this stone is really soft so i couldnt sculpt too strong or it will break it all

i did the shape of head, arms and the back . the secret is give small hamerings in 45 or less degrees

with another tool the "rasp" i tryed to soft the gritty

Step 3:

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once i did all the work i did some details with 2 tools: one was the dremel and the other one dentist little sharp tools

i used dremel because this stone is really but really delicated

once i finished all details i used water sanding paper, water and finally a clear spray all over

i lost alot of videos and pictures i hope to upload another instructables


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the laquer spray gives the stone a dark tone but shiny tone, also protect it from stracth


fabian guerrero (author)2015-12-28

hi loony thanx you so much

loony1 (author)2015-12-28

Really neat statue! Thanks for sharing.

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