Stone and Metal for Belt Buckle


Introduction: Stone and Metal for Belt Buckle

Creative Stone and metal for belt buckle.

It is the work of the hand with the aid of a grinding lap and rub. Once the stone is formed then followed by polishing using the sandpaper, with various sizes from coarse to fine size for finishing.

With fine sandpaper size it will produce a soft surface, and rub in with a thick cloth, as an example of fabric Levis. Can also use sand or grit diamond steel. This will produce a finishing stone becomes shiny like a given layer of glass or glass.

Shiny available on this rock is processed, instead of giving coating. As shown in the figure, really steady typing a rock mixed with a touch of beauty. God's glorious all given to his servant.

And with a simple metal processing motif creative also simple enough to make the frame of this beautiful stone can be strong to make a buckle belt.

Ribbon belt may vary, adapted to user preferences, many designs with ribbon belt made of leather or synthetic material.

This is the work of innovation in form and needs. This work is still in progress for a value of art.

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    We'd love to see the steps of how you made this!

    (PS, in English, this is called a belt buckle.)

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    Thanks ... Kiteman. Mr

    I will equip ...

    Because the photo in another camera and being brought our brother.
    Thank you also for the correction of the title, I have to adjust.

    I look forward to seeing the details. Your experience could save me a lot of messing around.