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Introduction: "Stool" Sample Gag Gift

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This is a  fun pocket sized gift for you to make for the pranksters in your family ( or friends and co-workers)

Step 1: You Will Need

*dry branch about  1 1/2 wide & 1/4 inch thick
* 1/4 inch dowel
*paint or stain
*glue- E6000 and wood glue or Elmers
*medical specimen container - You might look a little funny asking for an extra one at your next doctors appointment but who cares lol.
*band saw with a jig, wood saw, or hack saw

Here is a link that sells the jars for only .29 cents each.

Step 2:

Simply cut your dowels to about  1 inch long and cut your pieces of branch to about 1/4  inch thick.(it wwill be a little easier to glue if you cut it at a slight angle-see pic)
Then glue them together to for a cute tiny stool. You can use E6000 , wood glue or Elmers. But you will need the E6000 for the next step. 

Step 3:

 Now just paint the stool in the color of your choice. You can use  any paint that you want. (acrylic , can paint or even just spray paint)Let dry well. Use the E6000 and dab a little bit on the bottom of each stool leg , press down onto the  "sample jar". once it is good and dry just wrap and give to your prankster friend. Just think of the laughs you will get.   :)

Warning you may get a comparable gift next year. Lol.  Have fun.



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    Perfect for the docs and nurses in our lives!!!! hahahaha!!!

    really funny. I'm definitely gonna try this.

    Nice idea. I might do that, but stain it instead of paint it :-)

    12 replies

    hahaha! Pun intended, no doubt! ;-D

    Well, the "serious" portion of the statement meant wood stain, but yeah, you could look at it like that....eeewwwww

    lol.... afterall... you do have a reputation! ;-D

    Yes, but sadly it involves silly and sometimes awkward puns :-D

    It's part of your charm! ;-)

    Hmm, like the hydrogen atom that walked into a bar and said fill me up, I lost an electron.

    And the bar tender asks: Are you positive ?

    Yes I like it stained too. I have done it that way too. :)  I will add that in the instructable. Thank you.

    Other than maybe American Science & Surplus, where do you get the plastic containers? I mean, do you always get them from the doc (or don't you make that many.....I believe I have need of around 12-13 of these LOL).

    :) I have only made about a few  so far.But here is a link that I just found. Only 29 cents each. But I don't know if you have to buy 3000 or something. Lol. I hope this helps.

    Thank you for the link. That IS most helpful.

    True, and also if postage doesn't cost 10 times the item price :-)

    that is so funny
    i yhink ill just have to use it lol
    thanks for shareing


    1 reply

    No problem. I'm glad you like it .

    my doctor is getting one of these !