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Introduction: "Stool" Sample Gag Gift

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This is a  fun pocket sized gift for you to make for the pranksters in your family ( or friends and co-workers)

Step 1: You Will Need

*dry branch about  1 1/2 wide & 1/4 inch thick
* 1/4 inch dowel
*paint or stain
*glue- E6000 and wood glue or Elmers
*medical specimen container - You might look a little funny asking for an extra one at your next doctors appointment but who cares lol.
*band saw with a jig, wood saw, or hack saw

Here is a link that sells the jars for only .29 cents each.

Step 2:

Simply cut your dowels to about  1 inch long and cut your pieces of branch to about 1/4  inch thick.(it wwill be a little easier to glue if you cut it at a slight angle-see pic)
Then glue them together to for a cute tiny stool. You can use E6000 , wood glue or Elmers. But you will need the E6000 for the next step. 

Step 3:

 Now just paint the stool in the color of your choice. You can use  any paint that you want. (acrylic , can paint or even just spray paint)Let dry well. Use the E6000 and dab a little bit on the bottom of each stool leg , press down onto the  "sample jar". once it is good and dry just wrap and give to your prankster friend. Just think of the laughs you will get.   :)

Warning you may get a comparable gift next year. Lol.  Have fun.



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    29 Discussions

    Perfect for the docs and nurses in our lives!!!! hahahaha!!!

    really funny. I'm definitely gonna try this.

    Well, the "serious" portion of the statement meant wood stain, but yeah, you could look at it like that....eeewwwww

    Hmm, like the hydrogen atom that walked into a bar and said fill me up, I lost an electron.

    And the bar tender asks: Are you positive ?

    Yes I like it stained too. I have done it that way too. :)  I will add that in the instructable. Thank you.

    Other than maybe American Science & Surplus, where do you get the plastic containers? I mean, do you always get them from the doc (or don't you make that many.....I believe I have need of around 12-13 of these LOL).

    :) I have only made about a few  so far.But here is a link that I just found. Only 29 cents each. But I don't know if you have to buy 3000 or something. Lol. I hope this helps.

    Thank you for the link. That IS most helpful.

    True, and also if postage doesn't cost 10 times the item price :-)