This is an Intractable detailing how to make a simple stool. The stool I am making I made at TechShop
Things you will need:
1. Wood ( I used scraps)
2. Glue
3. Biscuits (for joining beveled edges)
4. Screws (to attach base to top)

1.Table saw
2.Band saw
3. Miter saw
4. Drill
5. Clamps
6. Chisels and Mallet

Step 1: Building box that will serve as stool's top

So as the title states I built a shallow box to serve as my stools top. Steps to build a box with mitered edges
1. Cut plywood roughly down to size using table saw then miter saw. Keep in mind that you are going to get all four sides of box out of this one piece of wood)
2. Now set the table saw up so that the blade is at a 45 degrees to cut the miters. Before you make the first cut think about how tall you want the sides of your box to be and set the fence up accordingly. For my box the fence was set at 1.5" as that is how tall I wanted the sides of my box to be.
3. Run your board though so that you are cutting the longest side first then rotate and flip board over and run board though table saw again. Remeber that the mitered angles have to relate so ensure that they are pointing the same way.
4. Take the board to the miter saw and cut both the miters on the end of the board. Once again I wanted my walls to be 1.5" so I marked out 1.5" on each end of the board before cutting. 
5. Take a look at your boards. The two that we last cut should be the correct size while the two cut on the table saw will need to be cut down to correct size. To do this I suggest the following:
       A. Set the miter saw at 45 degrees and lock the blade in the down position. Insert the rectangular board against the blade and
           make a guide stop with a scrap piece of lumber and a clamp. (See picture) With this guide in place you will be able to cut  
           both boards to be exact same size.
6. Dry fit the boards and check that all pieces line up.
Haha! Nice dude! I forgot to ask what you were building when I saw you in the woodshop. This came out really nice. Are you going to post a Instructable on the awesome table top you did?

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