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Introduction: Stop Cracken

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Anyone that was worked with wood probably has experience cracking the wood at one time when a nail is hammered in. This can really ruin your project and your day. I will show you a little trick with the nail that can stop the wood from cracking.

Step 1: Blunt the Nail Tip

Tap the pointed end of the nail with your hammer to flatten the tip a bit. Now you no longer have a sharp tip that will act as a chisel and causes the wood to split. The blunt tip cuts the fibers of the wood and prevents the splitting crack to start. Try it and stop the Crack!



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    I tried this and the best I got was when I really blunted the tip about half the diameter of the nail. Works great when I blunt it quite a bit. I'm thinking that it bores the hole better than wedging the hole open. Bored cracken eliminator. All too easy and working fix!!

    I tried this Instructable and I'm still being attacked by giant quid! Please help, I don't have much time!

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    A giant quid? Like a huge unit of british currency? Sounds terrifying! :D

    Oh bawls! And to think, there the S key is, right next to the Q.

    Touché sir :P

    Seeing the title, I was expecting: step 1: slay Gorgon (Medusa works well here). step 2:show Gorgon's head to Cracken. step 3:watch Cracken turn to stone. Oh well.

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    I should have named the instructable "Stop cracken the wood", but I wanted to keep it short. I don't know anything about the game are talking about.

    I was thinking along the lines of preventing plumbers crack... which we all know,... crack kills..

    Strangely, you aren't alone in that thought.

    Hey now, I resemble that!

    Finally!! The Cracken is no more!! We can live in peace once again! Thankyou. :) LoL


    they sell blunt nails in England, they sell both, but good idea, going make sure i remember it for my next project!

    Actually, what I do is place the head on the surface of the wood I intend to nail when doing this. It creates a dent to accept the head when you bang it in, and further helps to avoid splitting.

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    YES! This helps a lot. I also will do this for screws using the phillips (or whatever) bit in the screw gun. Creating a small hole in the surface prevents most splits.

    pilot holes will prevent nearly every split involving screws...:)

    Agreed--the same goes for nails! However pilot holes require a drill bit, and time wasted changing back and forth between the drill bit and the driver bit or a second gun. I was offering an anit-split screw method similar to this instructable--without requiring more tools.

    well, you got a point, but to split you-know-what hairs, if you're going to take the time and care to get out the driver, find the right screw, mark the wood, might as well drill a pilot hole. But if you have to use the WRONG screw, or your drill's chuck is stuck (hehe), or you're going to bleed to death in 7 seconds w/out that screw getting in there, dull that baby a little. by the way, you ever actually pilot drill a nail hole? Did I read that correctly?

    I've piloted holes for nails while doing some timber framing. Sometimes when using aged, hardened lumber, it can be stronger than the nails (esp galvanized nails) and the nails just bend.

    If your'e too close to a wall to nail hardwood flooring with the nailer, you have to hand nail it at the same position as the nailer ( this hides the nail). I wouldn't even try without pre-drilling. I would only use a screw on a bent piece that I am trying to straighten.