Stop Cracken





Introduction: Stop Cracken

Anyone that was worked with wood probably has experience cracking the wood at one time when a nail is hammered in. This can really ruin your project and your day. I will show you a little trick with the nail that can stop the wood from cracking.

Step 1: Blunt the Nail Tip

Tap the pointed end of the nail with your hammer to flatten the tip a bit. Now you no longer have a sharp tip that will act as a chisel and causes the wood to split. The blunt tip cuts the fibers of the wood and prevents the splitting crack to start. Try it and stop the Crack!



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    I tried this and the best I got was when I really blunted the tip about half the diameter of the nail. Works great when I blunt it quite a bit. I'm thinking that it bores the hole better than wedging the hole open. Bored cracken eliminator. All too easy and working fix!!

    I tried this Instructable and I'm still being attacked by giant quid! Please help, I don't have much time!

    A giant quid? Like a huge unit of british currency? Sounds terrifying! :D

    Oh bawls! And to think, there the S key is, right next to the Q.

    Touché sir :P

    Seeing the title, I was expecting: step 1: slay Gorgon (Medusa works well here). step 2:show Gorgon's head to Cracken. step 3:watch Cracken turn to stone. Oh well.

    I should have named the instructable "Stop cracken the wood", but I wanted to keep it short. I don't know anything about the game are talking about.

    I was thinking along the lines of preventing plumbers crack... which we all know,... crack kills..

    Strangely, you aren't alone in that thought.

    Hey now, I resemble that!