Picture of Make a Glue Gun Holder
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This instructable is done for practice, number one, but is also a useful tutorial for making a Glue Gun Grasper. Also known as a holder. Ever been annoyed by the gun stands that come with these things? Seems that the gun is always falling off, gumming up things you don't want it too, even moving into your way and interfering with your project. No more. I came up with this idea after being frustrated by the aforementioned bugs.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
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For this project you will need:
1. An empty cat food can, washed and dried.
2. A piece of cardboard for a base for the can.
3. Ballast: i.e., old nuts, bolts, and washers, or anything that will fit in the can to add weight.
4. Wire cutters or tin snips to cut the can with.
5. Paints of your choice and a brush.

Step 2: Get Cardboard Base

Picture of Get Cardboard Base
Cut piece of card board for base.

Step 3: Cut Can to Shape

Picture of Cut Can to Shape
Cut can to hold glue gun. Cut so that gun is held by the can when you set it down.

Step 4: Add Ballast

Picture of Add Ballast
Place ballast in can to give it weight and stability.

Step 5: Glue Holder to Base

Picture of Glue Holder to Base
Glue can with weights to the base piece of cardboard.

Step 6: Paint if desired

Picture of Paint if desired
Paint and or decorate if you choose. Adds a little touch to your project.
FreakCitySF6 years ago
I always wanted a way to recollect the creep! One product I'd love to see is like a glue gun holder, it holds it upright, and collects the creep into a glue stick mold, pop it out ready to use the creep!
Yes yes yes! This is also my dream
Great idea! I guess i'm the only one who thought this was a detailed plan to stop some villain whose primary weapon is a glue gun. i dunno.