Stop Hiccups Instantly





Introduction: Stop Hiccups Instantly

This instructable will show you two easy methods for stopping hiccups in under a minute.

For the first you will need two clean hands.
For the second you will need a mouthful of potable liquid.

Either method is useful regardless of your location or situation so anyone is capable of using them to cure themselves of this pesky condition whenever or wherever it pops up. It is also completely free and simple to teach.

Step 1: Method 1

  • Use your thumbs to pinch your nose shut & close your nasal passage air tight.
  • Use your middle fingers (or whichever fit best) to plug both your ears as tight as possible.
  • Breath in and out through your mouth as calmly and slowly as you can manage.
  • Count to thirty Mississipi (or Mississauga.)
  • Unplug your ears and nose.
  • Keep breathing calmly and slowly.
  • The hiccups should be gone.

Method 1 works nine times out of ten on common cases. For the tenth time, see method 2.

Step 2: Method 2

You may be unable to succeed with method 1, either because you cannot get your nose and ears plugged tightly enough or because your hiccups are so intense that your whole body rocks (and thus you can't get calm, even breaths for long enough.)

  • Find and sip a mouthful of water (or any other beverage.)
  • Don't swallow yet.
  • Bend over at the waist (either while standing or from a sitting position.)
  • Imagine trying to get your head as close to upside-down as possible.
  • Now swallow.
  • Stand up, clear your throat and breath deeply.

Your hiccups should be gone. If not, repeat methods 1 and 2 a few more times each over a short period of time. [ If hiccups persist beyond a couple of hours you may want to consult a physician for a pharmaceutical form of treatment.]



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    it works for me!!! thank you for help.

    Wow it's amazing, I got it.... The method number one ☝? is perfect and unbelievable... hiccup has gone instantly forever, thanks ??

    I started hiccuping mid sentence. It went on for a while to where it started becoming a discomfort borderlining on hurting.
    Method one worked for me. I honestly can't believe it. It was maybe 30 seconds and it was gone. Made an account to just say this. I'm greatful for this post.

    I found out that, for method 2, I don't need to bend down my body at all. Just stand or sit up and take a small sip at a time of that water held in your mouth while breathing normally. After a few sips the hiccup should be gone!

    Wow that really works, I had tried everything, thanks.

    Thanks a lot.

    Method 1 worked on first go.

    This just worked right now. Step one, only my arms got tired at the 20 count! haha

    The simplest method of all is to take a teaspoon or packet of dry white sugar and eat it.
    Hiccups gone.

    I've tried that several times, and the spoonful of sugar never works for me. I'm going to try these methods next time I get hiccups.