Picture of Ninja

Ninja is a simple, non-violent skill game. It can be played with 2 or more players. You only need players to play this game. Its a great family game, mostly because its so easy, even the youngest can play. Its also quite fun because if you play with friends, it can get quite competitive.

A simple demonstration here.

So, have fun!!!

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Step 1: Objective

Picture of Objective

The objectives are the following:

  1. Players must hit their oponents hands with their own.
  2. Players must avoid getting hit by an oponnents attack

Step 2: Rules

Picture of Rules

The rules are the following:

  1. At the beginning players must bow down before adopting a stance.
  2. You are only allowed 1 move per turn.
  3. You may move your hands only to opponents Avoid an oponnents attack.
  4. If their are more than 2 players, the turns go clockwise in a circle.
  5. This game may be played at a slow or fast pace.
  6. HAVE FUN!!!
LOLZ dog beats all
the dog is a beast!!!!!
I know right?
boom man562 years ago
boom man562 years ago
TubaJ4463 years ago
We learned this at church camp last year, I'm not very good at it ;)
Lutchmun4 years ago
He is optional. =P
lafnbear4 years ago
Assuming the happy puppydog is optional... or was he/she the referee?
He is optional
EmmettO4 years ago
I'm afraid I don't quite understand rule no. 3 which I would imagine is crucial to the playing of this game. Could you elaborate?
Rule no. 3 means you can move your hands if you are trying to keep from being hit by another players attack.
We play this game all the time at my church only there we call it ninja.
smallman984 years ago
we play this and call it ninja
MegaMetal84 years ago
Cool! I might try it.