Stop Motion Animation





Introduction: Stop Motion Animation

Here is a simple guide on how to take pictures and turn them into a short video.

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Materials needed:

A Camera
A memory card or camera-to-computer cable
A computer
Windows Movie Maker

Step 1: Find a Subject

First of all find something to take pictures of. If it is a friend make sure they know how to sit still for quite a while. If it is an object..don't worry, it has all the time in the world.

It is always a good idea to write up a script or a story board so your friend/object knows exactly how to move in each frame.

Step 2: Take a Picture, Move, Take Another, and So On

The title pretty much describes the step, have your object/person pose for a frame, take a picture. Then have them move just a little bit, take another picutre. Continue this moving only a small bit for each picture until you have all of your video recorded.

Step 3: Put the Pictures Together

Organize all of the pictures and put them into Windows Movie Maker.

Copy them to the timeline on the bottom of the application.

Press the magnifying glass several times to get a smaller span of time in a larger space.

Shorten the amount of time that each picture takes up.

Step 4: Save and Enjoy

In Windows Movie Maker

Go to "File"
Drop down to "Save Movie File..."

Save it

Enjoy your new stop motion animation video.

Step 5: Sit Back and Bask in the Glory of Your Camera Prowess



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Well what if u can't download windows movie maker I have to use windows live movie maker cause its already there

We are looking for some one who would be able to draw. We are producing an animated short film
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When I use Movie Maker, it only lets me hit the magnify button once. Why is this???Tried doing a Lego Star Wars animation movie but the length of the photos is too long. Hope someone can help plz.

I have the same problem

 lol. thats good. and funy

Great video, this is really a simple skill. It just takes the virtue of patience. Thanks for sharing though.

Could you please unremove the video

Actually, here's an awesome one I had.